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Hey @nick (and everyone else!)

I was speaking with some of the other community members here, and they prompted me to create an account to ask some questions (although it feels a little self important to create a new thread for it, I couldn’t find a suitable thread to put it in).

I have a couple of “phone aged” children - 1 doesn’t have a SIM yet, the other pays £5 per month with ID Mobile for 1GB data (mins and texts are virtually irrelevant these days!)

It was the cheapest I could find, and they probably use less than 100MB of data per month - Child number 2 will likely follow in the same way, as most of their phone usage will be in Wi-Fi zones.

Now, is Zevvle a good option here, and if so, which way to work it?

Am I right in thinking that for £7 per month, I could have 2 SIM’s, with their own numbers? The £7 coming from a £5 minimum top up (appreciate it’s £15 every 3 months, but just keeping it easy to read), and the £2 flat fee for the extra SIM.

Any usage from both numbers would be an additional cost at the advertised rates?

One of the things I wasn’t sure about is the “rolling over” and “refunded allowance”.

With the “refund”, is this only if you close your account? Or if I top up £120 in 2 years, but only use 30GB of data (and no calls or texts), could I simply get a £60 refund (30GB at £2 per GB costing £60)?

As for the rolling over, is it it literally limitless?

Would £5 per month for 2 years, with no usage what so ever, give me 60GB to work with?

Lastly, what is the advantage of adding another SIM to the same account (and paying the £2 per month fee) - Would I not be better off paying for 2 separate accounts? Appreciate the outlay each month would then be £10, but if both were eligible for refunds on the data/mins that weren’t used, it would seem the more sensible option?

Sorry for the essay!



Hi Nick, thank you for joining the forum! Let me answer your questions, with a caveat/note at the end…


Yes – although to clarify the £5/month would contribute to that.

Although our terms state that it’s only on account closure, between you and I, if you need it refunded that won’t be a problem.

Enforcing behaviour with Terms & Conditions is really icky, but we’re about to change this (see below).

Yes, although we currently have a 25 GB usage limit per month per SIM.

You would be, and you’re welcome to! We hope the simplicity of managing both SIMs in the same place will be worth it.


As per this thread, we’re making some changes to our model next month – a fixed monthly price for multiple SIMs with a shared data allowance (calls & texts included), and £2/GB for anything over the allowance (none of the £100/GB out-of-bundle BS).

We’ll post more details about this on Friday, including pricing.

If you prefer the current PAYG setup, we’re not going to force anyone on to this new model, although we will discontinue it for new customers when it’s live next month.

Not at all, thank you for the questions!



I think this is one of the key things, and whilst I’m sure it’s not something you are going to want to sing about, it really makes a difference for me (and anyone else in this situation, where they are buying SIMs for low usage people such as children).

It’s hard to ignore the obvious “£5 per month for unlimited mins and texts with 1GB of Data”, that you see from the likes of ID, GiffGaff, Smarty etc (appreciate it’s not always quite that simple, but you get the idea).

Having that reassurance that the likelihood of said low usage user will never go over their limits, and it’s only £5 per month is quite good.

The reason that we (and others I’ve spoken to), don’t like typical PAYG, is for that very rare occasion that child 1 might be out and about, and they run out of credit (like it was 1999 :joy:)

So with that in mind, Zevvle seems like a good middle ground, and actually cheaper than the alternatives (especially when taking the refunds for unused data etc).

Now, considering we are talking about managing two people with next to no usage… Whilst £2 really isn’t a lot, as a percentage of the total top up, it’s a hefty chunk.

If I went down the 2 separate accounts route, could I manage them both from my phone (bearing in mind, I won’t be on Zevvle)?

Secondly, am I correct in saying that it would work out as £7 per month, with each SIM having a data limit of 1.25GB included in that £7? Appreciate it would just be 2.5GB between them (so 1 could use all 2.5GB if the other used 0), but I’m working on the basis of splitting it 50/50 for the sake of comparison.

Vs an account each, where they both have 2.5GB included in the £5?

I would consider moving my wife over as well, but as she does use around 1 or 2 GB per month and a ton of calls, how would this work?

I’m guessing (based on the thread about Multi Sim), that I’d actually be better off keeping her SIM/account separately here (if we even moved it to Zevvle).

Is the “unlimited calls and texts” at £6 per month on top of the minimum £5 per month top up?

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Calls to other sims on the same account are free, so that may affect things a little.


Very unlikely I’m afraid - The only two other people who would be on Zevvle are her kids - And she wouldn’t call them (don’t blame her, we had to teach the eldest how to hold a phone, as he’d only ever used it on speaker :joy:)

I’m pretty sure the minimum top up is for any spending, whether on pay as you go usage or bundles. I’m sure @nick will clarify.


Yeah, he did thank you.

For anyone else, the £5 is the minimum (which gives you the equivalent of 2.5GB, with 0 mins and texts), and the £6 is for unlimited calls and texts (making it £11 for 2.5GB data, unlimited calls and texts).

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Not without logging out/in each time.

Yes, although it’d be £10 for the 2 accounts.

Yep; the minimum includes any extras, from usage or bundles.