Android is a go 🤖

Hello hello,

Excuse the delay (and the late night deploy), I’ve been working on this all day and it’s finally done…

It’ll be live on the Play Store within a few hours (it can sometimes take a while to propagate), but if you want to install it directly here’s the zevvle.apk.

Note: push notifications are currently disabled; we’ll either fix that by the end of next week or setup email notifications (for low balance, auto-top ups, etc.).

Note 2: I messed up on Saturday’s collection times, so we’re sending all of the first SIMs together – including Android – for arriving on Tuesday.

If I can help with anything let me know,

Thank you for waiting :pray:


I can’t thank you enough for releasing the APK! My Google play store is acting up and it’s so nice to be able to officially install the app without using questionable APK re-hosting websites!

All signed up now!!

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Downloaded the app. I paid using Amex. The CVC on an Amex card is 4 digits but the app only wanted 3. I figured it out and apparently my SIM is on its way.

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It popped up for me on the Play store about 1800 last night and the signup process was incredibly clean and efficient.

Only comment I might have is it didn’t say in much detail what the network was, or was about, or many options to go off and find out more. Could hamper some signups if people are just browsing the store and install it to see what it’s about and are used to receiving their info through apps?

Just a thought, might be in no way relevant.



Agree more info about the network, pricing and philosophy would be good.


It sure is :slight_smile:

We hear you; that’s an excellent point. Added a to-do item, will think of some ideas over the week.