Are our phone numbers safe?

If Zevvle were to suddenly vanish, does anyone know if we’d have issues porting our number to a new provider?

I’m sure Nick would never purposely ditch us (and he’s promised he wouldn’t), but say something were to happen to him and Zevvle got shut down, would existing PACs work? Would we still be able to obtain PACs somehow?


That is a very good question :open_mouth:

I have to admit that the total radiosilenc from Zevvle over the last few months has made me nervous enough, so I have requested PACs and switched my numbers away.

I just cannot take that risk, and relying on a company that is just one single individual without a backup plan (as far as we know) was just too great a risk for me, given how important my phone number is to my (online) identity.

FWIW PAC requests seem automated (got my PACs instantly) so even if nick were to be incapacitated over night you’d probably still get your pac - as long as you know about it before it’s too late (whatever too late is)


I wonder if the wholesaler (or whatever they’re called) would automatically issue PACs upon shutting Zevvle down? And maybe if the wholesaler is still active, then PACs would still work? (All speculation and hope).

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I’m sure ofcom could force zevvle’s enabler to issue PACs, however imagining trying to get some support in the case of a split port.

The tech seems to be running well which is a testament to the work put in to zevvle but the one man show has also stopped me recommending zevvle to work peers, there needs to be some continuity in place for something as important and connectivity.

I just hope Nick is okay and this isn’t a health issue.


As long as you have signal I’d expect PACs will work as they’re issued by an automated system operated by the enabler - there is nothing Zevvle-specific here and I don’t even think Zevvle actually “owns” any numbers - instead they pull from the global pool of numbers the enabler has.


I’ve got to say I’m a bit annoyed now: I ported my numbers out a week ago - today I was billed a further £2. And @nick as we know isn’t responding at the moment.

Trying to change my card details to another card that i can block to prevent being charged again next month, this doesn’t work either - I just get a white screen after inputing my card details.

If the “merchant” isn’t responding, the best you can do is raise a chargeback

I’m quite frankly sad it’s come to that. From excellent customer service to literally no customer service at all.


Yeah this sucks…
Have you tried changing the card details on the website?

I also experience the white screen of nothingness on the iOS app, I force close, reopen and confirm the change went through by looking at the last digits of the payment method.

But the web app works for me when changing payment methods.


Huh, you are correct - the card details have actually been updated. Will give him till end of day tomorrow to reply before starting the chargeback for those £2.

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