Coming in August 👀


A few days in, here’s what we’re working on and have planned for the month (not in order).

But first in some good news, July was Zevvle’s best month ever, the previous best being June. And August is also off to our best start yet… :smiley:

Shared data

My biggest gripe with Zevvle right now is how messy the app has become with all the pricing plans and data allowances, so we’re starting work on shared data plans to simplify ~everything~. That means re-thinking parts of the app, and we’ll also make it easier to find answers — we get a few repeating questions and that’s 100% our fault for the lack of clarity.

We’ll have more news on this soon — we hope to complete it within September, possibly sooner…

Flux receipts

We’ve started integrating with Flux receipts to show your Zevvle plan information in your banking app. It’ll be opt-in so we don’t send everyone’s transaction data, starting with Starling, then Monzo and finally Barclays later on. :soon:

It’ll be available with more banks as and when Flux integrate with them.

We may do a few things around the edges as well, depending on how much time we have. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see we’d love to know. There’s a lot we’d like to do… :slight_smile:

Have a great month,



That’s great. Especially given the circumstances - I would have thought that usage might go down as people are at home with wifi most of the time.


Looking forward to both these headlines. Having four sims means I’ve not swapped to the newer bundles because of the data no longer being shared :slightly_frowning_face:


You’re right, they have! Usage is down, we’ve just signed on more customers. :blush:


I’m really glad to hear that. :smiley:




First time I’ve heard of Flux. I can see why having receipts inside a banking app would be appealing for some, but my gut reaction is one of horror.

I’m under no illusion that banks can’t already use their data to make all sorts of inferences about me and my behaviour, but handing over itemised receipts directly from retailers will seems like it will benefit them more than me. Unless I’m misunderstanding how this service works?

Also just to clarify, this isn’t a point against Zevvle - absolutely go and make use of the tech available - and I appreciate it’s opt-in; I’m just trying to make sense of the concept in general.


I think a part of it is to lock you into that bank more, as moving to another bank and you’ll find you can’t use Flux, or if you do you don’t have the receipt history.

It’s one of the reasons that I record all my financial transactions in a separate app. The other issue being the historic transactions disappearing even if you are with the same bank after a while (usually around 6 years).


It’d be nice if Flux offered some way to see receipts outside banking apps. But the way they currently match up transactions is via the last 4 digits of card number and the EMV auth code, so that wouldn’t work without the cooperation of the bank also sharing the auth code. Maybe if the merchant also shared an account email with flux that they could use to connect it to an account held with Flux.

I have a meeting with them on Thursday so I might bring this up…


That’s fair, and the reason we’re making it opt-in. Personally I find it quite useful, especially with food orders. I’m looking forward to supermarket ones…

I can imagine a self-hosted or more open solution coming along that’d be quite popular (if that’s possible). Even access to your own receipts via API, but it is early days!

In other news…

We have just enabled this in production if you bank with Monzo or Starling — I’ll write about it properly tomorrow (Friday evening and all), but if you go to your settings in-app (top-left corner of the account screen):

Remember to enable it through Flux if you haven’t already!


Is the duplicate invoice line expected?

The Flux login screen suggests Barclays is also supported.

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On a technical level I think this is cool, but on the other hand I feel like the benefit of using Flux is minimal at the moment, and the downside of having an extra company with some of your data seems to outweigh that for me. I’d possibly change my mind if Flux had a lot more retailers on. I think places where people tend to buy a lot of different items like supermarkets and maybe department stores will be key to adding enough value.


I was told it is, but I’ll follow that up :slight_smile:

Only for the bigger retailers at the moment, that’ll work later this year.

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EMV auth code? Then how does Flux work for card not present transactions?

The banks still generate one, for reasons. As you can see in this carefully cropped screenshot from Stripe;


It’s an authorization code, but what’s EMV about it? Authorization codes long pre-date EMV

Probably not all that much, everyone’s just agreed that’s what we call it now.

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But the codes are the same as those used long before EMV was a twinkle in banks eyes…

Colloquial terminology doesn’t match up with the technical reality, shook

Hmm, I’ve literally never heard it called an EMV authorization code in a CNP environment. Though I have heard “credit card” authorization code way too many times for my liking, considering that people forget debit cards are a thing…