Data Pricing / Bundle 🌎

For me focusing on having an amazing “Data Bundle” would be the way to go.

This is the most important feature for me, in fact I use Facetime / Whatsapp / Facebook Messenger for calling more than I use the standard Calls option. I don’t remember the last time I even sent a normal SMS.

I remember the days when data would cost a few arms :mechanical_arm: & legs :mechanical_leg: It was horrible…

Over the last 4 years I’d say data prices have dropped massively.

For me I’d love to see a “Data Bundle” for those more internet hungry users.

£2/GB would still apply outside any bundle but it be great to have something like the below;

(per month bundles, with the possibility of rolling until cancelled, auto cancel upon lack of credit)

Example below;
£5 > 5GB
£10 > 15GB
£15 > 25GB*

*This is going off your 25GB current limit.

Now if you really wanted to give the customer love :heart:, you hold the credit until 30 calendar days are up, so in effect you can select the £15 > 25GB option and if you happen to only use 14GB £5 is released back into your account or from a business point of view it’s added as a bundle credit towards future bundles.

Which in turn prompts the user to purchase another bundle. :white_check_mark:

Hi :smiley: There was a good discussion on the possibility of bundles here.


Thanks Liam, teach me not to search properly! :sweat_smile:

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@nick also mentioned (not got time to reread that thread) that as opposed to the bundles, he’s going with £2/GB as he doesn’t want Zevvle to be something that isn’t raw PAYG

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Nick has mentioned with the V4.0 pricing that they are working on a calling and messaging bundle:


@Recchan to be a attractive mobile network provider, I’d expect in the timeline to have data packages / bundles available at some point, even if you want to keep as RAW PAYG as possible.

With the speeds of 4G & 5G these days, it outperforms most peoples fibre connections at home! :flushed: Plus it’s more secure tethering rather than using public hotspots, if your out and about.

I dare to say in the not to near future everything goes VOIP and you purely have data plans (this is what BT do with FTTP it’s all VOIP rather than over copper for your phone calling)

A lot of mobile networks support calls over Wi-fi now, so for you city :night_with_stars: people you technically could have zero signal and wouldn’t notice due to Wi-fi availability.

Of course this is a long way off for VOIP on a mobile network to be standard form of calling but it be great to have a very attractive package / bundle for those data hungry users.

On the otherhand, what Zevvle’s trying to do with their pricing is a big differentiator for their product. If you’re just going to emulate your competition then you probably start questioning why you’re doing it in the first place.


Exactly. Zevvle isn’t for very data hungry people. Maybe that’ll change at some point in the future as things scale.


No offense but if you want home broadband, feel free to go get it from a big provider.

Zevvle isn’t for that, it’s for people that use some data while outside or occasionally plan on tethering, so saving you money over the long run. Some months of course may work out as more expensive.

Also as for a world of VoIP with only data plans I’m sure nick will then shape Zevvle towards that direction, with lower pricing as it’s available.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Zevvle’s pricing. It works well for me, and I expect it’s the cheapest mobile network out there for my usage. But I wouldn’t say the pricing is the only differentiator. Maybe it’s the biggest at the moment, but the app is an absolute pleasure to use, and I feel that over time it will develop in a way that enables features, flexibility, and usage that aren’t possible with the existing mobile networks.

So even with bundles, I think there’s a clear reason as to why Zevvle exists.


Spoiler: Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE is just SIP over a separate APN, and is thus free. Doesn’t prevent them from still charging you more than 1£/minute for a shitty 64kbps link to certain destinations even though there’s zero difference between that and standard “data”.


I didn’t say only. :blush: Although I admit it’s the main one for me.

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The pricing is very good don’t get me wrong!

As I do use a lot of data and next to zero calls / texts.

A data bundle would be perfect and I don’t think it will detract from what Zevvle is all about. :white_check_mark:

It’s purely catering for that customer base that needs a good amount of data. :earth_africa:

Zevvle isn’t re-inventing the wheel here but giving a service with the customer (us) in mind.

As mentioned by @jzw95 the app is lovely and how it is laid out and works is brilliant compared to other mobile networks.

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You make a very good point with need and want. :bulb:

I don’t disagree, Zevvle will in fact make me cut down my data usage.:moneybag:

Mine is more used for emails / researching / work rather than the addictive nature of what social media does to people, one being scrolling until your brain dead. :exploding_head:

Waffle is good! :nerd_face:

Having options is good right? :bulb:

It allows the customer to have the best experience possible for their needs & their wants! :man_shrugging: