The question of bundles


I didn’t think I’d be writing this, but here goes…

We’re looking into offering bundles, and I’ll be the first to point out the hypocrisy: here, here, here, etc…

What’s going on?!

Our supplier – a network enabler that have launched many MVNOs – have their own fixed-rate bundles, and the prices have come down a lot recently making them more competitive.

If we had to create them ourselves with averages over our customer base we wouldn’t do it, but as they’ve done it already… whether we offer them or not, they exist, and if you use more than 1-2 GBs of data we can save you money.

What bundles?

We’d offer 4 different ones – 3, 10 or 30 GB and then one for unlimited mobile/landline minutes & texts (provided you don’t start a call centre). For example, you could have a 10 GB bundle and PAYG voice/text, vice versa or both bundles together depending on what you use and how you want it setup.

It’d be super easy to switch, downgrade, upgrade, turn off, etc, and you’d still see the detailed usage history.

A few points worth mentioning:

  • Our PAYG pricing won’t change.
  • The bundles would be per SIM, not per account.
  • They reset with calendar months, and you could switch to a bundle from PAYG at anytime, but only switch back to PAYG at the start of a new month.
  • They include EU roaming and unlimited tethering (i.e. hotspot).

The iffiest thing is out-of-bundle charges (we’d have to charge 10p/MB, and that’s sketchy at best), which for 3 or 10 GBs we can avoid by upgrading you to the next plan, but for the 30 GB one we’d have to disconnect the SIM.

But the all-important question – what do you want:

  • Yes, I want this!
  • No, this is a terrible idea.

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Let us know your thoughts below,

Nick :slight_smile:

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Ooooooh, I’m really torn on this one!

I like the idea of a bundle, but then I also like the idea of potentially saving money for just using the data I actually use and taking the rough with the smooth. But then I also like the idea of knowing what I’m paying each month.

I think the kicker for me is that it’s per SIM rather than per account. What I had with EE and what I like about Zevvle now is that it’s one ‘pane of glass’ for management and I don’t have to get bogged down with the account balances, minutes, whatever for each device.


That wouldn’t change, and the account would still share 1 balance. But you’re right, we’d have work to do to make everything super clear. One benefit of doing this is that if you need 10 GB all of a sudden, we can make it happen without it costing too much, then switch back to PAYG when you use less…

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It’s good, we really need it. It’s cheaper than going PAYG.

Both Zevvle & the customer would benefit:
Zevvle would benefit because the data will be prepaid and the customer because it would be cheaper.

So let’s say it’s £5/GB using PAYG (calculated by the byte), but if we buy let’s say 30GB upfront, it would cost a reasonable amount (cause obviously 30GB PAYG for £150 is not even an option).

Is that what you thought of?


Interesting development, I was wondering how long it was going to take. I’m rather torn by this. I’ve been thinking that if the pricing comes down to around £2 per GB it then becomes competitive with many of the smaller bundles around.

The mention of calendar month is confusing. So if you start a bundle at the end of the month do you only get a few days usage of it?

Is there any option of data rollover?

Totally agree on this one, I think it would be rather neat to be able to pool one large package across multiple people in the house.

This is something that I like, especially if I have a month of busier train commuting or travelling and end up using more data. Cheaper PAYG data would be preferable, though having a more even monthly charge for the phone is also nice to have.

If the PAYG data stays as it is at the moment, I probably would end up going for the 10GB per month option, and then 30GB when travelling, as I then wouldn’t need to worry about the data costs.

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I think there should be a “I’m torn on this” voting option.


That’s right; it would cost a lot less.

If you start in the middle (or end) of a month it would be pro-rated, so e.g. starting a 10GB bundle on the 15th would give you 5GB until the end of the month.

Not without hacking it on our side… :confused:

I agree, although it’s why multi-SIM accounts hardly exist at the moment – it raises average usage/bundle and we’d head back to PAYG rates.

If we made up the terms it could be different, but at the moment we’re passing them through from our supplier… we’re only starting out, and as wholesale rates improve, we get better network access, etc. there’s a world of possibility.

Argh I didn’t think of it – it’s now too late as adding an option would reset the poll…

I’m very interested in bundles. Would make the pricing a lot more competitive, would this give us the same access speed to EE’s network as we get now?


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Yes it would – 40/20 Mbps down/up.

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Thanks for helping me find it Nick :wink: we’ve been talking for a while today and you posted a link in the support chat

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This would be good for me. I’ve wanted to join and even download the app but I currently use between 4-10gb of data a month. So a bundle would be better. Depending if it competes with what I currently pay.


Wow, this sounds like it could be a really good implementation of bundles - clear, transparent and probably good value compared to PAYG. I also love how you can be on bundle for 10GB and still be on the PAYG rates (3p/min or txt) at the same time.

100% let us access these!

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Would be nice if we could disable texts entirely and just get bundled data tbh.

Pair that with eSIM (that’s Apple Watch compatible) and let me perhaps link that across an account rather than a SIM (I don’t intend to give all my closest friends a SIM but maybe my girlfriend for when she visits the UK + my Apple Watch) would be nice

Maybe that could be a special expat offer? Pay £1 a month for an extra SIM card and a family could use it while visiting, taking out of their balance

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Tap on your SIM card from the account screen, and at the bottom there’s a toggle for SMS. :wink:


If you were to start having big data bundles like these I’d start wishing I didn’t work for a network and get a discount so I could make this my main line haha

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Does that just disable sending or receiving too?

Ah, just sending for now I’m afraid.

Is receiving free?

I’d like separate toggles for receiving/sending if possible when this is done.

Yes it is, although receiving calls outside of Europe does cost, so we’ll have a toggle for that.


PAYG Data and bundled unlimited minutes for me please