FAQs, SIM orders, and other fixes


Some updates that made their way into the app over the last week…

New things

  • You can now order additional SIMs from the sim page (https://app.zevvle.com/sim_cards).
  • There’s a bunch of FAQs in the help menu (the “Answers” tab). We’ve used our support provider for this instead of doing it ourselves this time… much better :sweat_smile:
  • There’s a help menu when you’re logged out.
  • Most links, including the side/nav bar, will ‘prefetch’ when you hover them, so the app should feel a bit snappier.
  • While building the signup flow I added a few page transitions to smoothen it, and those are now in the main app for extra smoothness.


  • Sometimes the toast/alert messages would flicker and show twice. This was annoying me as there was no obvious way to fix it, until I found the obvious way to fix it.
  • Occasionally when updating a SIM it would send the incorrect settings to the server, but no more.
  • Fixed the join.zevvle.com referral page; the stylesheet had taken a hike.
  • The app now respects iPhone notches (thank you to @jsa for testing!)

The path to prod(uction)

It’s not far to go now before switching over to this app completely and discontinuing the mobile apps:

  • SMS notifications* (working on it!)
  • SIM activation
  • The signup flow (mostly done, a few polishes needed)
  • An update to the website

Things like SIM activation/deactivation and billing history will come shortly afterwards.

Moar soon,

- Nick :blush:

*I signed up to Better Uptime earlier, and they have a mobile app dedicated to push notifications where you scan a QR code and that’s it; very simple. For now the notifications will be SMS, but I might look into this later on…