Final update before services restricted

Hello again

As previously mentioned I wanted to update again, firstly to reissue the message in case anybody has not seen the first message here: Important message about Zevvle) and also I’ve been getting more information for you so I can pass on more details about the process from tomorrow.

In the instance where you have already ported across to another network, you do not need to do anything of course, the following applies only to people who still have an active Zevvle sim.

Please note carefully the dates and actions below:

  • At the end of day Tuesday 12th December, Smart Barring will turned on for all active SIMs This means all outbound communications and data will blocked, although inbound SMS/calls will still allowed.

  • At end of day Friday 15th December, all active SIMs will be suspended which means no inbound nor outbound comms will be possible but porting will still be allowed.

  • By end of December, all porting must be finalised. The network will formally close

I have attempted to establish an exact time for the Smart Barring tomorrow but it’s not possible to be this precise apparently.

We’ve been working with a large number of customers to assist with their porting over and as far as I’m aware everybody has solutions in place. If there is anybody who has not reached out so far and is worried or needs assistance please do contact us ideally at or you can message me on these forums. We will do everything possible to support you. Service will stop tomorrow but you have until the end of this month to port across your number to a new network. I will stay in contact until every person is sorted.

Thank you to everybody who has supported others on the forums and shared advice and support, it is a measure of your character and values.

I understand and apologise that this has caused you unwelcome stress and inconvenience, I’m sorry again that we could not keep the network going for you.

Warm regards