Important message about Zevvle

I regret to inform you that REAL Mobile Ltd. Zevvle will cease trading this month. We have tried very hard to keep the network operational and have made significant and consistent investment into ensuring this has happened to date. Unfortunately it transpired recently that the growth plans we had for the network were not going to be possible owing to the costs for this project mounting and it simply became impossible for us to be able to fund it.

We have spent the last week working very hard to make sure that all Zevvle customers have time to seek an alternative provider without any downtime and shareholders have made a considerable payment to enable all customers to have one week from today to find an alternative provider.

We will be sending a text message to every customer today directing them to the forum, this is the best place for us to communicate and where we will be sharing any further updates over the course of the next month.

Please find below a more detailed explanation of the next steps and key dates:

  • International usage and roaming outside EU switched off as of today Tuesday 5th December

  • Tuesday 12th Dec will be the last day of where you will be able to make voice calls, send SMS and use data. This means you have one week of notice before communications are limited.

  • A full switch-off of the MVNO will take place at the end of December.

We have stopped all pending payments so there are no further planned payments from you to Zevvle.

Unfortunately some customers may have paid for services that include a period after 12th December. We will follow this message in due course what the process will be to go about attempting to get any of these funds returned.

There are also a number of customers who owe Zevvle money for services taken in the past but not paid for, this will be followed up this week.

In order to keep your number when you move to a new provider you will need to supply the new provider with your Porting Authority Code (PAC). To get this number you simply text ‘PAC’ to 65075 from any of your sims for which you want to keep your phone number. The code will be sent back to you and will have a deadline of when it expires on the message. If this process does not work for you simply contact the helpdesk and we will get the code for you ourselves.

In terms of alternative providers, Eco Talk uses the same infrastructure and therefore shares some of the same features tech wise that you are used to with Zevvle. Here is a link to their payment plans:

Alternatively having done quite a lot of research of the market over the last couple of years I would recommend Honest mobile Honest plans - Join Honest - Honest Mobile as a good provider. They also have business tariffs for anyone who uses their sims for business use.

At the more price conscious part of the market I would recommend Giff Gaff Why giffgaff? | We’re up to good | giffgaff.

Honest and Giff Gaff are both B Corporation companies (a mark of distinction for ethics in business) and Eco Talk are rated as the most ethical network by Ethical consumer magazine.

It goes without saying of course that you are free to choose whichever provider is best for you, we just want to try to make this situation as hassle free for you as we possibly can.

We will be on hand to assist you in any way we can over the course of the next week, please do not hesitate to reach out if we can help in any way. However, if we could kindly ask that contact be made through the help desk please so we can best serve all customers. If you are keen to speak with someone then could you please make this clear in a message to the helpdesk and we will call you back. This is only so we can manage time well and help ensure we can support everyone.

You can reach the helpdesk by emailing or hitting the “?” on the top right hand corner of your web app.

Please remember that after the 12th December you will not be able to access data or make calls from your Zevvle sim so to ensure no disruption to your connectivity please ensure the process of porting across to another provider happens by then.

I want to conclude by apologising for this situation and to thank you for your loyalty to Zevvle through the years. I know for many of you this was more than just a mobile network and whilst inevitably this will be a disappointment to many I hope you can see how we tried to keep the network operational for a long time despite the losses. We also wanted to help customers through the cost of living crisis and for this reason we did not put prices up for any existing Zevvle customers throughout our tenure.

I will be present on the forums to help anyone but we would encourage people with specific questions relating to their account to please contact through the helpdesk so we can best support you.

Kind regards and best wishes for the future.



Sad news indeed.

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Oh no, sad times. The mobile market is very competitive and at a time when people are more price conscious it’s unfortunate. I’m glad that you’ve tried to make it work and are aiming for a smooth transition for everyone.

Fingers crossed I’ll be able to decide who to switch to and get the SIM out within the week.


:frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

This is really sad, I got the feeling this might happen once the sale happened :frowning:

If I understand correctly I have to request PAC codes for each SIM before the 12th?

Are there any other providers that have shared balances?

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Hi @Rosie the 12th is the last day where we will have connectivity so I would recommend getting the PAC codes sooner and porting over to a new provider prior to the 12th December in order to not have any downtime.

Very sad to see, I’ve been with Zevvle for a long time and it was a nice community to be part of.
All the best for the future to everyone involved at any stage!


To get the PAC codes text ‘PAC’ to 65075. If anybody has any issues, drop the Helpdesk a quick message at and we will rapidly sort it for you.

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Yes, I agree: very saddened to hear this. Thanks for all your help so far - and for being so open with us.

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Very sad to hear, Zevvle had a great service and I’m reminded of that looking at the alternatives…

What options are others looking at right now? GiffGaff is out as last time we tried O2 their service was barely usable - full bars but the data throughput was so bad that they let us break our 2 line, 24 month contract 2 months in.

Zevvle was great as we had inclusive roaming too which was great for my wife when going abroad…

one week… wow. considering i am not in the UK until after new years, im sure this will be a painless experience.

This is really bad news.
I have a question, if I receive the PAC code now, will I be able to transfer my number to another network after December 12th?

Zevvle was an absolutely revolutionary network but it’s hard to break through without proper marketing.

You might consider Spusu as an alternative, EU roaming up to 25GB:

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1p Mobile seems like a good consideration for EE MVNOs. Anyone have experience with them?

Edit: I ended up going with Spusu - they also use BT/EE like Zevvle, but they also support eSIMs

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Please let us know if we can assist you in any way @modano

Thanks @Luk I’m going to look into the question you ask about the PAC code and will let you know the response. As far as I’m aware that should be fine but I am going to confirm for you.

I’m wondering, will there be a way to download all data from our accounts (call / SMS logs etc…)?

I used to be with them just before I joined Zevvle. They were fairly new on the market at the time and had a bit of an awkward issue when running out of data on your bundle and wanting to switch to another bundle before the 30 days were up, though I think they have since made that process better. It was possible to auto start the same bundle though.

I’m currently in a tossup between Giffgaff and 1pmobile. Giffgaff have a limit of 5GB for roaming, which probably isn’t enough. They also don’t include the Isle of Man. 1pmobile on the other hand includes the Isle of Man and has a 14GB per month limit on the bundle per month and the 1p per MB. Although I haven’t been to the Isle of Man for several years, I’m hoping to get there soon. 1p have a note on their site saying it may take 2 weeks to ship SIMs at the moment, so might need to use another network first.

I’m currently using about 5-10 GB per month, though a few months quite a bit more. I’m aiming for around £10 per month cost. Roaming is important as it’s easily switching bundle as required.

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Have you looked at Spusu, out of interest?

It’s been a fantastic ride (been here since the early days), and its a real bummer that it couldn’t be made to work financially in the end. Heck, don’t think I’ll ever find another network that used to mail out handwritten Christmas cards!

As well as my free chocolate bar being stolen in the post :laughing:… which support quickly sorted out!

Personally moving to SMARTY begrudgingly. They seem alright, and they provide group SIM plans (for up to 8) — not quite the same as Zevvle… but close enough.


I’ve taken a look and Spusu look interesting, however they seem to have a charge of £4 for “Damage to or failure to return the SIM card in case of exercising the right of withdrawal” at the end of the price list. First time I’ve heard of someone wanting the SIM back at the end. I also find it surprising that the roaming costs for Isle of Man and channel Islands are higher than that of places like Ukraine. I like that they have the option of join via eSIM though.