Friday, September 20th


Excuse the lack of updates over the last few weeks; we’ve been doing some more behind-the-scenes work recently, but projects are in the pipeline…


Calls and messages between SIMs on the same account are now free. We’ve had a few “Why pay the £2/month for an extra SIM?” questions, so hopefully this goes towards answering that. Ultimately we want to make the multi-SIM experience speak for itself, but there’s more we can and will do. :slight_smile:

We haven’t yet updated the text in-app to reflect this, so it’ll show something incorrect like “Calls within the UK cost £0.00 per minute,” which is not the case most of the time. I’ll fix this over the weekend! :sweat_smile:


We’ve re-arranged the billing details, making them available directly from the account tab, among a few other tweaks.

Version 1.1.1 of the app is now available on iOS and Android. For the latter we’ve started using “Android App Bundles,” reducing the app size by up-to 60%. As always, you can download the 1.1.1 APK directly from here.

There’s nothing major in 1.1.1, but we’ve added a few thing for future updates, and rebuilt the app for iOS 13.

Also, thank you to everyone for the 5-star reviews! It means a lot, and we’ll do our best to continue making Zevvle worthy of that. :blush:


This makes a lot more sense - separating auto and monthly topups.

Does this include call forwarding? No reason it wouldn’t, but just wondering!

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Nice :+1:t2:

Really looking forward to being able to use this feature!


I hate how having a Google Apps account means I can’t review anything! :frowning:

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Do you mean calls forwarded from 1 SIM to another on the same account…?

What?! With a normal account you can, but not a ‘business’ account…? :thinking:

Sorry, yes, call forwarding between SIMs on the same account.

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Ah yes, that’s included as well :slight_smile:

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Can I ask why it says UTC instead of GMT?

That… is an excellent question. Will change that :slight_smile:

Yep, business accounts / us who pay for our email are treated worse than someone who rocks up and gets a free gmail account. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think reminders using Google Assistant work for Google Suite users anymore either… it’s a really poor way to treat paying users tbh. :frowning:

I also can’t migrate from a Google Suite account to a regular @gmail account without loosing all my purchases, of which I have quite a few! :frowning: As soon as (and if) Google ever allow this I’d move it all over in a second.


Wow, talk about backwards vendor lock-in… :grimacing:


I know. :frowning: Apple will happily allow you to change your email address and move everything over!

I do regret ever getting my address to be honest, it’s just become a bit of a pain in the a*se really. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well. :wink:


In lieu of being able to rate in an app store.


My mum signed up for an Apple account, getting an address that she’s stuck with now. For whatever reason they don’t let you change your address if it’s one of those.


Holy sh*t that’s amazing :heart_eyes:


Good to know.

Is that offered by the enabler or are you just eating the cost and hope people don’t abuse it?


Hi! Just noticed I’m being charged for forwarding from a SIM with the unlimited calls bundle. Did I miss some change?


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The latter :wink: Sorry about the delay!

Nope, just sent you a message.

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