Tuesday, September 24th

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Unlimited Calls & SMS

We’ve added one bundle for unlimited calling & SMS within the UK and Europe (as with the normal roaming shenanigans, this doesn’t apply to international calls from the UK to Europe).

It’s per SIM and costs £6/month. That’s higher than we want it to be, but we’re effectively passing it through from our supplier so we’ve got no room to go lower at the moment. Also, our contract states that it’s limited to 99 distinct numbers per month (i.e., don’t start a call center), but as part of our Ts&Cs we’re considering that “…inconsistent with normal use.”

You can enable it under any SIM in-app (you’ll need to ask the account owner if that’s not you), and make sure you’re running the latest version – 1.1.1.

I’ll include this in a blog at the end of the week, with hopefully another update or 2 by then…

EDIT: I should mention, to be clear, this is 100% optional – if you use a lot of calls and texts (> 200 mins + texts per month), this will be cheaper for you. Otherwise, you should probably stick with the PAYG rates of 3p/min & 3p/SMS.



PSA, only if you’re making calls - receiving them is free

Although I’m sure everyone here knows this :slight_smile:


That’s actually a good point – the summary in-app is currently mixed, so that could do with an update…

Thank you! :smiley:

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Could you do a recommendation in app of based on the past 6 months whether you would have been cheaper to use PAYG or the bundle each month.

Based on my current recent history, the most expensive month was still 26p cheaper on PAYG compared to the bundle.

Looking at the option to toggle the unlimited calls and sms in app, there no message to say what will happen when you toggle. When will you be charged? If you toggle off within a short time period or mid month what happens? Do you get a pro-rata credit? Are you locked in for the whole month? When does a month start? What happens if you run out of credit and you don’t have auto top-up enabled? Does it get charged at the monthly fee point?


What would also be great @nick is if you could get yourself added to the Ofcom recommended deal sourcer thing

Or if you could build your own price comparison thing into it - if you want I could write a small application to give you the data from O2 etc but don’t expect it to be updated :cold_sweat:

Also I’d really appreciate @nick if you could run on calendar months for bundles

It’s a lot easier to plan your bills around calendar months

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Good point – when you toggle it ‘on’ a confirmation screen pops-up with the details; will try to make that clearer.

It’s pro-rated, tied to your billing date and is part of the monthly bill (even if the monthly top-up is £0).

We display a warning when you try to disable it. Currently that happens immediately, but ideally it should switch off at the end of the billing cycle – getting that right would’ve taken a fair amount of extra work, hence not having it now.

Hopefully that answers it – let me know if not!

Do you mean their price comparison page or something else…? :thinking:

They’re tied to your billing date for simplicity – message me if you want to change it. :slight_smile:

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Is it also 99 different numbers for SMS?

I don’t think this number is high at all, at least compared.

It’s combined for the 2. It seems high to me – the max we’ve had so far is 36 distinct numbers in one month, but that’ll be skewed because of the PAYG aspect. It’s more there to prevent people starting call centres, and I haven’t heard it ever being a problem with our supplier. :slight_smile:


I see the warning dialog now that I’ve tried it knowing that it exists.

The bit that’s still not quite clear is what happens when you disable, you say immediately, does this mean that you don’t get a pro-rata credit for the unused amount for that month? What happens if someone enabled it uses a few hours of calls, and then disables it again. I suppose this is where requiring a minimum of one month, or until the end of the billing cycle, to prevent that could be useful.

This change starts to raise the issue of the monthly cost summary date ranges no matching the billing cycling date. I’m on the 4th so not much of a difference, and if usage is averaged out across each month ok, then it shouldn’t be an issue, whereas someone with spiky usage, it could throw the maths off a bit.

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At the moment yes – originally we were going to disable switching it off and do it manually, but opted for this with a warning message. Although not perfect, it felt a bit less iffy than ‘locking’ it on for someone.

Agreed, this is the plan!

Right you are, and what this looks like in the future I’m not sure. We could add custom date ranges, or leave it as-is and make it trivial to switch the billing date…


Is Zevvle to Zevvle included or did I dream that?

Zevvle to Zevvle on the same account only is included

So 2 SIMs on one Zevvle account is :slight_smile: