Introduce yourself 🤩

Hello, and welcome! :wave:

I’m Nick; founder of Zevvle, a professional generalist and wearer of bright suits.

Now it’s your turn – tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re into! :smiley:


I’m Liam. ^^ I’m a reluctant computer science student, currently working part time as a web developer while trying not to think about university!

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I’m “Jed”. IT Operations Manager and Program Manager. Have managed call centers before.


Hey! What’s your weapon of choice (languages/frameworks…)? :computer:

Thank you for joining! :rocket:

As it turns out, my web developer position seems to involve anything from fixing printers to installing mobile antenna on sheds in the middle of nowhere.

When you’re the only “tech” company for miles your remit tends to expand!


This is all too real :joy: “You do computer stuff?! Can you fix my fridge?”


Hi, I’m Rosie!
I’ve been putting up with poor mobile customer service (esp for payments, my current provider doesn’t even have an app!!) for years!
I’m excited to be involved with Zevvle, even if just a customer!
I’m good with ideas and seem to find glitches in apps if that’s helpful :slight_smile: I also am randomly good with RF logic (I blame shortwave for that one!)


Hi Rosie! Thank you for joining :slight_smile:

That is always helpful! Are we talking Shortwave the film or something…?

I’d never heard of that film until now!!
I was talking about listening to international radio
via ‘shortwaves’ (3-17MHz)!

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It’s not highly rated… What got you started in that?

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I’m Nick! I work in IT Support for the NHS. Always felt like I needed to stay with my MSP as they rewarded me for being a customer, but more recently I’ve felt there is so much more choice available! :wave:


Thank you for joining! :blush:

I was introduced to it and shown how to get postcards from other countries just by listening to a radio and writing an email.
A little over a year later and I have accumulated 100+ postcards from 25+ countries (my favourite ‘special’ ones being from North Korea, Japan, Thailand, Cuba, South Korea among others).

It’s a fun hobby; hearing news, dramas and music from other countries and sending feedback in exchange for postcards!

Nowadays you can use internet SDR receivers to listen but I still have a long aerial and use my own radio (a lot of stations only send postcards if you received it yourself rather than via the internet).

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Hi I’m Jack :wave:

I live in South Wales and work in the IT sector. I have an interest in any new tech and am excited to see what Zevvle can do.
Currently on the 3 network but always on the lookout for cool features and potentially better ways of operation that other networks can provide.



Hey! :wave:

I’m Dan - I’ve worked in and around call centres for quite a few years now and currently work for a Click & Collect company handling calls, emails and social media posts.

I have some rather strong opinions about how Customer Support should work and am keen to see a new company such as Zevvle implement some good practices to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.


Hey! :blush:

I’m Richard, I’m a Palaeontology research student at Cardiff University, living my Jurassic Park fantasy :t_rex::sauropod::seedling:

I’ve always been interested in tech, my phone being the main thing I use on a daily basis, and love the new ethic of transparency that start-ups are bringing to the community. I look forward to whatever Zevvle will become. :rocket:


Amazing :sunglasses: What exactly are you researching, and what’s something cool a layperson won’t know about palaeontology? :smiley:

That’s a good question @nick :nerd_face:

I’m a Palaeobotanist, studying early land plants that lived on the Earth 410 million years ago (early Devonian), in the Brecon Beacons of Wales :seedling:

Regarding an interesting fact, there is a handful of people in the world who study plants of this age, the most famous and influential of which, is my supervisor, Professor Dianne Edwards MA, PhD, ScD, CBE, FRS, FRSE, FLS, FLSW. :woman_scientist:t2:


That’s fascinating; I’ve walked in the Beacon’s so many times without even considering what it was like even 1,000 years ago! Would love to talk with you more about that at some point… :astonished:

Hello world :wave:t2:

I’m Andre, contract software engineer doing a bit of everything, from designing contactless stored-value cards to airline booking systems.

On the side I’ve been building my own MVNO (competition :smiling_imp:) after a bad experience scamming customers working for one of the major carriers, so keen to see how Zevvle develops and hoping to offer advice to make this entire industry great again (although was it ever great to begin with?)

Now discovering this place is sadly not a good thing as I’ve now found yet another place to waste my free time on, but I guess it’s too late now. :joy:

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