Introduce yourself 🤩

Love it! :smiling_imp: Thank you for joining, Andre :slight_smile:

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I’m Sim. Currently a software developer doing Python, Django, Oracle stuff with lots of backend integration work between things that really should be better for the money!


Welcome to the forum, Sim :slight_smile:

I’m Kai, I’m a research student. I like reading tech forums, and also hanging out on various Telegram supergroups in my spare time. Really excited to see what Zevvle has to offer.

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What are you researching?! And although it’s a blog, have you come across Stratechery? One of my favourites :slight_smile:

Hi Nick,

My research has something to do with molecular modelling, nothing fancy, so far. No, I haven’t, and thanks for the recommendation, I’ve subscribed to the blog via RSS. :+1:

(Sorry for the delay. For some reason, the notification email went to spam. :man_facepalming: )

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Hi I’m Simon,
I work in hospitality and have done for a good few years. Currently deputy manager of a hotel / restaurant. It’s not really challenging.
Here as I seem to be obsessed with new challenger models and would like to be part of them.

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Hi Simon :slight_smile: Thank you for joining! What challenger models have you come across, besides the obvious (banking, energy)?

Depends. It’s old now but Airbnb.
More recently deadhappy insurance, which seems a lot simpler than a normal life insurance policy.

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Hey I’m Daniel, I’m a Senior Infrastructure Engineer in a Data Centre.

I heard about Zevvle on the Monzo Community and have been following the e-mails ever since but for some reason completely managed to skip the whole “we have a community” bit!

Looking forward to the Launch and hope to be able to get over to Birmingham for the in-person launch if there is one!


Hello @nick, I think I found out about Zevvle via The Monzo community but I’ve only just signed up here.

The more I read about Zevvle, the more interested I become. I’d like to be able to manage the whole family’s SIMs. I’m currently overpaying EE. It’s a very good service but their iOS app is clunky and slow.

I’ve been on the mailing list for ages. Does that mean I’ll be notified as soon as SIMs are available? When is that likely to be? Many thanks.

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Thank you for joining :slight_smile:

Yes! I’m excited about multi-SIM accounts; should be good.

Definitely; sorry it’s taken a while to get to this stage! Currently working with our supplier to get everything ready, so looking at max 6 weeks. We’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

i’m Charlie
a big nerd
recently become addicted with all things #fintech
and twitter’s algorithm suggested that i follow zevvle
so now i’m here along for the ride whoop :hugs:


Hey Charlie! Thank you for joining; I sure hope it’ll be a fun ride :blush: Twitter’s algorithm must be on point…


I’m Graham, not in IT but keen on the fintech thing (some very familiar faces here :grin:). Forensic mental health care is what I do (and have done for many a year).

Good to be aboard. :+1:

(Hey @Rjevski & @johnny - good to see you :grin:).


Welcome onboard, glad to see you here as well!


Hi Graham, thank you for joining :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone,

I’m Harry, a Software Engineer/Systems Admin/General IT Person from Hull.

I’ve been loosely following Zevvle since a post on the Monzo forum in July last year, and I can’t wait to drop Three and get my SIM :slight_smile:

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Hey Harry, thank you for joining! :slight_smile: it felt good to drop my old provider…

What area of software do you work in? Any tales to tell?

Hey Nick,

I work in Mixed Reality, doing some Unity, some Web Apps and some iOS Development (basically whatever is needed at the time). Working in a startup, we’ve had plenty of near misses with on stage presentations, client demos etc!

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