May update

We’re almost there!

Our first SIM order, what’s in the pipeline, and crowdfunding thoughts:

I’ll work on posting these at better times, i.e. not a Friday night… More is on the way! :slight_smile:


Great news! Will the sims be numbered so we know what number we have?

:crossed_fingers:t2:Number 3

Sort of; your account will be numbered:


We have some close family getting the first few, but straight after that! We’ll send them first-class :slight_smile:

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How do I sign up as number four please?

We set the number when you activate the SIM, so we can’t guarantee anything! :confused:

Crossing my fingers to end up under #10 :slight_smile:


Glad to hear things are moving forward, so now the obvious question is what’s next? Where do we sign up to get a SIM? If I remember correctly there was an email form on the website at some point, will those people be invited in the order they signed up or is that deprecated now and there’s something else to do?


The website signup still works! It’ll all be done via mobile app, and we’ll release that ~1 week before shipping, similar to Monzo’s rollout if I recall correctly. It’ll be the order in which you signed up, although everyone on the forum will get an invite first (that’s you!) :slight_smile:


Still excited to get my hands of some SIMs, I was hoping I might get my grubby mits on a few before I go away to Portugal :portugal: but I think that might be too close to the wire!

Definitely like the possibility of managing multiple SIMs. One of the reasons I was paying over the odds for EE!

Definitely can see the benefit for my Sister-in-Law too as she’s considering getting a SIM for her daughter soon so I keep putting her off until Zevvle is ready!

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Just got an email from Plusnet Mobile saying that they are increasing prices in line with CPI and will be doing so going forward. So looking forward to Zevvle’s sims being released.

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We’re in the endgame now; our SIMs are en route, an update to our pricing tomorrow and referrals on Friday. We can’t commit to a date (a couple of outside factors), but we’re aiming for single-digit days. :smiley:


Lovely to hear. I’m eagerly looking forward to the update.

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This is fantastic news :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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This is great news, Nick.

Waiting patiently… :sunglasses:

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Bragging rights :grimacing:


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#59 here, happy to be within the first 100.

:beer:… and here’s to the many 100’s of customers joining after me. :grinning:


How many customers does Zevvle now have - or at least activated Sims?



I’m feeling like a newbie user now :unamused:

Sorry about the delay! Almost at 100 active SIMs, and 75 is the highest number at the moment. Maybe we should do something in-app for the first 100… I guess a badge or something, I don’t know.