Missed call text message


I would like to request missed call texts, which are really handy when you are in weird dungeons, gone on the underground or hit a blank spot.

99% of the people I know don’t leave voicemails (usually only companies or professional services) :woman_shrugging:, So coming off of a 1 hour underground journey and receiving a text message letting me know who tried to call me would be nice.


I didn’t realise that my phone wouldn’t tell me if I missed a call due to having no service. Makes sense though!

Here is an example from Vodafone.
Excuse the messy censoring.
1 sms per missed call - pros and cons to that, but I’d rather know than not know

Could an app notification be an option? That way it could bundle the notifications together.

I remember having those texts from Vodafone years ago when I was with them. Could use this too for those voicemail messages that are just someone putting the phone down due to the call going to voicemail.

My personal issue with app anything, is that you are dependent on the app.
Sometimes i switch to a feature phone and manage my account once a month on my ipad when I get home; that’ll mean I wouldn’t know anything until I get home :fearful:

But I understand I’m not the majority.

Would be good to know if this is an operator suited for particular type of users (smartphone only, ios droid users only etc), before I get further invested lol
(Kind of like Monzo theoretically not being good for a billionaire https://community.monzo.com/t/how-would-monzos-ui-react-to-having-a-balance-of-millions-in-an-account-just-curious/95828/16)

But thats all another conversation lol


Worth having it as an option, of notification or SMS, especially when traveling to areas with no or very slow data.

I’ve not properly used a feature phone in years and generally use data for calls and messaging now.

Agreed, if we have an option that would be awesome. Super :zevvle:, features and options. New tag line ‘bet your mobile network doesn’t do that!’

One of my favourite feature phone combos, feature phone that takes SD card with calming music, zevvle sim of course and a data only zevvle sim for an ipad mini.

Semi disconnected, not stuck to my phone all the time, but got the tablet in case i really need access, at lunch time or before bed or something.

So yes, sms notifs would be preferred to me, but the option for either inapp or sms would be awesome for everyone.


I’d also take an SMS over an app notification. :raised_hands:

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I suspect at this stage in app notification wouldn’t cost Zevvle anything, however SMS would cost them.

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Also a fair point, wonder if thats why other mvno’s may not have them like giffgaff i wonder if voxi use them as well?

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I’m on the app notification side of the fence, but agree it would be good to have the option of notification or SMS.

In fact thinking about it, it would be amazing and a good selling point for the Zevvle, for everything that’s currently an SMS to be switched over to a notification if you choose to (perhaps notification by default).

It’s a minor frustration and a 1st-world problem, but I dislike getting SMS about voicemail when I know it’s just my wife not hanging up quickly enough. Then I have to go into SMS app, delete the message, then dial voicemail and delete the blank message. If that could be managed with an app notification, with a quick action to delete/archive with one tap, that’d be the dream!

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Since Zevvle webhooks are now a things, this could also be a webhook event, then us techies can do what we want with this information!


I’d even take an email over an app notification :wink:



I like these ideas. There is one caveat, however…

Having just tested this, we don’t know about attempted calls where the caller hangs up mid-attempt — it has to switch to voicemail, even for a fraction of a second. This means voicemail has to be switched on; it doesn’t work without… :confused:


Assuming from what I experienced with Voda the ‘to disabled this service dial 121’ the function is a part of voicemail.

So i guess, it’s by design…

Probably for the best, imagine the flood of notifications for butt calls, and spam… if someone rings out to voicemail but doesn’t leave a voice mail, it could be with intent… thus a notification appropriate… but then a butt dial can do the same… i’m just waffling now :waffle: :thinking:

I’d still want it, guinea pig me!


My postcode has been experiencing issues with EE all week. I’ve been waiting it out, but my friends have been telling me they can’t get through to me.
Calls go to voicemail, nobody leaves a voicemail (for some reason).
This would’ve come in handy when I leave my house on my journeys and get a flood of sms’ telling me who tried to contact me and I can follow up - 2nd sim is EE

:pleading_face:pLS SENPAI :pleading_face:

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Added it to our short-term list! Stand by. :pray: :blush:

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Fwiw I think it would be cool to have the choice of legacy solution (sms if vmail is on) and/or in app push notification.
As much as the app is handy, I would prefer the sms option above.
Thats me personally though, the above option is superior for people that arent weird like me


I appreciate that — we are going to do SMS notifications, so it’d work for the above missed call messages as well :slight_smile: