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Well hello there,

As mentioned on Friday, here’s what we’re working on in the short-term to round-out Zevvle. I’m not actually a huge fan of roadmaps (and we’re not going to add dates to anything), but this list is what we consider “table stakes” for a great mobile network, which is our aspiration.

The list is not necessarily complete (and certainly not the only things we’re working on this year). In no particular order…

Payment history & receipts

How much have you spent with Zevvle? When, and what for? This update will answer all of that.

Network status in-app (with notifications)

Especially given the recent voice outage, we want to keep you better-informed with the status of network services.

Improved usage summaries

We’ve got a much better system & design planned for this. I can’t wait. :smiley:

Improved payment authentication

There’s a law coming into effect from the 31st December as part of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) that requires Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for many online payments (although some banks have already starting declining non-SCA payments).

There are a couple of places we have to improve, e.g. automated top-ups when credit is low, so we’re going to fix that here.

Direct Debits

Yes, yes, we’re doing them! They won’t be available for everyone right away — because we don’t want to get into credit checking like most networks do with DDs, we’re going to do our own thing by requiring a good card payment history before you can switch over.

Android Pay

This one is my least favourite but we’ve procrastinated on it for long enough… :grimacing:

SIM card usage limits

Now that data is shared across your account, there’s no way to limit usage for a SIM card. This will change that.

Improved help section

The purpose of a help section is to be helpful, and at times ours isn’t. We originally built the help pages ourselves, but that became a bit much and we’re switching to a more-manageable alternative that we hope will be truly helpful.

Improved notifications

As it stands, we send a notification if you have them enabled otherwise we send an email (in some cases), but we can do better with re-deliveries if they fail.

We’ll also add deep links, i.e. linking to a specific part of the app from the notification itself, and some more notifications like “you’re going to run out of data in X hours.”

We might add optional SMS notifications as well, which would work with the above network status, too…

Automatic age verification

There’s an adult content setting for SIM cards that we don’t expose at the moment and anyone wishing to switch it off has to send us a message. This is… a lot less than ideal — we’re going to automate it so you never have to speak with us.

Data enabling/disabling

You used to be able to turn on or off the data settings for a SIM, but for ~reasons~ we had to take that away, so we’ll bring that back here.

Missed call push notifications

As per this thread! The slight caveat for now is it’ll only work if someone goes to voicemail (even for a fraction of a second) — if they hang up mid-attempt we don’t know about the call (yet).

Is there anything else would you like to see? Bear in mind this isn’t a complete list of everything we want to work on (e.g., spam blocking) and there are some things which we don’t yet control (e.g. eSIMs and Wi-Fi calling).

- Nick


Sounds like a great manifesto; looking forwards to seeing what comes next :slight_smile:


Is this going to be the new only way to pay, or just an option…

I personally like the subscriber way of paying

Just an option for those who want it! By card will still be the default.

Fantastic list of things to implement. Looking forward to them.


Great selection ^^

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Love this. I’d also be happy with a deposit system, so you pay one topup in advance. Phone bills are so small in the grander scheme of things that a £10-30 deposit is very doable. Then, if a DD or topup fails, you’ve got a fallback until the payment can be sorted, plus no discontinuity of service…


Will consider this, thank you. :slight_smile:


Thats a really good idea

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I know they’re not entirely in your control, but my top 2 features to add would be eSIMs and 5G.

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