Monday, May 18th — Switching plan & over-the-air updates


TL;DR switching data plan is now super simple, we set the SIM name to the device name when you signup, you can see the app version under your profile/settings and over-the-air updates are now more reliable.

For anyone on with one of the new data plans, we’ve made it super-duper easy to switch:

Currently we’ll send you a notification at the end of the month if we can save you money (either by upgrading if you used an add-on or downgrading if you didn’t use much), but we’ll look into automating this in the future…

SIM card names & app versions

During signup when you activate a SIM, we now set the SIM name to the device name if available, or fallback to the phone number otherwise. You can manually set the name from the SIM screen, useful if you have several SIMs (Account tab -> SIM card -> tap on the name at the top).

Also, you can now see the app version under your profile/settings (Account tab -> image/icon on the top left):

The ‘App version’ is the version in the app/play store, and the build is the iteration of that version (confusing I know — one version can have multiple builds… as you can see version 1.2.0 was built 34 times for iOS). The number after the slash (4 above) is the version of the over-the-air update. These are mostly to help us find bugs or check you’re using the newest app.

Thanks to @Colin for these 2 ideas! :blush:

Over-the-air updates

We update the app over-the-air, meaning load new features, etc. without having to go through the review processes for both app stores which is great because a) it can take a while, and b) they’re a complete faff. (This works for most things, but occasionally we still need to re-submit.)

Until now, you had to close the app completely and re-load it for the latest — sometimes several times in case of a bad connection which makes troubleshooting hard.

Now, we’ll check for an update every time you open the app. If there’s a new one we’ll quietly download it in the background and refresh the app when it completes (you’ll see the splash/loading screen show briefly).

Have a good evening! :new_moon_with_face:



Something else for you Nick:

This shows the year but the next screen doesn’t ?

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Will fix! Did that back in the “2020 is years away” phase… :sweat_smile:


I switched my number so early in the history of Zevvle that I don’t get a history of switching section. One of the joys of being an early adopter. I could even say it’s a badge of honour.

Maybe I should get an early switcher badge like the founding member one? :wink:


Go on then, check the app. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’ve extended the cut-off though; anyone who switched within the first 3 months gets an ‘Early Switcher’ badge.

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Ooh, got two badges now!

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Hmmm. :neutral_face:

What’s the Early Switcher for? I’ve transferred two numbers to Zevvle. :thinking:

[edit] ah, I then saw Nick’s post. I don’t think I switched in the first three months. I can’t remember?

Ooh I’m a founding member!!!



Wow - you are still impressing me long after the wax sealed SIM letter…

Now on the data only 3GB and under £10. Amazeballs.