Undles of bundles

Hellooo, happy Saturday!

As we spoke about here and released last Saturday, we’re now offering data bundles between 1 and 60GB:

No out-of-bundle charges, add-ons that never expire and you can easily switch plans from month-to-month.* The full pricing is on our homepage.

You can order new SIMs under ‘Billing’ from the Account Tab if you have an account, or send us a message to switch an existing SIM.

This is just the start of doing some exciting things with data allowances — stay tuned!

In possibly-less-exciting news, we updated the Zevvle logo as well, adding a gradient and tightening some of the dimensions on the Z. Subtle, but it looks better! :zevvle:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :blush:

*Almost — this is coming to the app next week!


So if you run out of data, will you be able to purchase an add on from the app without any data?


I do love your plentiful use of the word “rapacious”.


Not quite; there’ll be a 15-minute grace period between running out of data and the SIM disconnecting. After that you’ll need Wi-Fi — unfortunately we can’t zero-rate our api or website, yet…

It’s an excellent word!

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Could you please give some warning notification that you are about to run out of data?

Probably have some config options for when. Eg amount of allowance left in % and MB/GB terms. The issue is mainly around spiky usage at the end of the bundle.


Yes, definitely! We currently have it set to warn at 80% usage, but you’re right something closer to the limit would be better. I’ll hard-code something in temporarily (95%, say) and look into customising that. Maybe even a “at your current usage rate, data will last another 3 hours” or something. These will only be relevant if the SIM is set to disconnect and not use an add-on.

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I like this prediction.

I would still like to have a notification that I’ll soon be auto purchasing the auto bundle, and when the purchase has happened.


Ah yes, this is already there! Sorry about the confusion, I’ll make this clearer.

I’m not on the new pricing yet (waiting for the mobile usage to increase after lockdown) so if it’s in the app I won’t have seen it yet.

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Hi, a couple of questions.

Can I start a new bundle early if I run of data ?(not buy an add-on)

Just to clarify if I run out of data , get a 1gb add on and only use 0.5gb before my month restarts do I then have 0.5gb always available for whenever my allowance runs out in the future?

Finally can a SIM be paused and have no active plan? Will incoming calls/SMS still work?

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I’m afraid not — we opted against this for now as it felt more complicated to understand than non-expiring add-ons.

Yep — that 0.5GB will be available if/when you next run out of data. Bundle allowances are used before add-ons.

Not yet, aiming to have that done by the end of the month. Incoming calls won’t work as we disable the SIM completely (even if we switched off data, outgoing calls, texts, etc., we’re still charged to keep the SIM active).


This is all looking very good. Have the talkers been catered for? Is it possible to have just minutes and texts with no data - ideally unlimited?

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Minimum of 1 GB of data as far as I can see unless you are in the old pricing where you can have the unlimited calls and texts for £5 plus pay as you go data. With the new pricing all data comes through a bundle, though with the extra data bundles not expiring, I could see very low data users using those bundles along with unlimited calls and texts as an option.


Not yet — we do have the old plans for that, and you’re welcome to use them!

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Got one of my SIMs on a bundle finally tonight - yay!!!

Question re: data allowance. If my account is set to disconnect after allowance is used do I lost all connectivity in that situation or just data? Ie do I still get to call and text ?

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Thank you! :pray:

It was set to disconnect completely, but thinking about it… that’s stupid. Just changed that so it’ll only switch off data. Thank you for pointing it out! :blush:


Sorry - me again. How do I turn off UK data in app? Obviously I can stop the phone using mobile data but can this be done in app?

Ah, that’s not possible at the moment — had to disable it last year. I’ll get that working again early next month.


Where should I be seeing bundles in app?

To change an existing SIM you’ll need to send us a message; you can order new ones under ‘Billing’ from the account screen. :blush:

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