Monday, October 14th


Probably the most-requested feature… smush feed items together!

Any smushed calls will show with a little badge next to the name/number, and messages will just be an increased count on the right-hand side. The list of the calls/messages is on the screen when you tap on the feed item.

Also, we’ve changed the running balance in the feed sections to ‘spent today’ for the time-being as it felt more useful. A toggle between duration & charges is still on the cards; we’re having to focus on other areas at the moment, but still want some updates coming out.

And remember to force-reopen the app…

Thank you :blush:


I noticed this a little earlier this evening; it’s looking really good here and works prefect.

I wouldn’t mind but if Zevvle was a “traditional” mobile network this upgrade alone would have no doubt taken months, have been bodged and then needed patching. :rofl:


Very nice and slick!

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Looking much better with grouped calls and texts. The spent today is much better, thanks.


Smush is an excellent word.


Good change :smile: I often went to the chart view to see my usage for the day, but ignored my running balance.

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It is but it should be “smoosh”

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I’ll compromise with smüsh. :sweat_smile: