Multi-SIM accounts & pricing changes


Offering multi-SIM accounts as been on the cards for a long time, and we’re there! Thank you to those of you who have been involved in the beta testing; it was invaluable and as long as there’s an appetite for it we’ll do the same for the bigger product updates in future too.

The pricing changes are intended to reduce the barriers to trying Zevvle. We recognise the elephant in the room is still the cost of data compared to other offerings, though it’s worth noting it’s the cheapest pay-as-you-go pricing we know of. We’re working on the cost of data and should have more news by end of July…

Enjoy the sunshine!



Dropping the monthly fee is quite a change! I understand though - it didn’t bother me but several people I mentioned it to balked a little.


For someone who uses his phone rarely, I can say that the montly fee was pretty discouraging. The new pricing does it for me.


I don’t understand the rational for charging for additional SIMs. I’m not convinced the additional utility of a combined account is sufficient to justify paying a fixed fee per SIM. What’s to stop me opening 5 different ‘1st SIM’ accounts, thereby not paying the fee and getting exactly the same pricing for the active use as a combined account?

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Hi Dave, welcome to the forum!

You are of course welcome to open five accounts, using five email addresses and monitor usage separately, but that seems like a faff.

There’s a fixed fee for each active SIM card per month which we are absorbing on the first SIM. But at the moment it’s not sustainable for us to do so for multi-SIM accounts.


Thanks for the welcome!

I’m excited about the possibilities of multi sim accounts, but for Zevvle to really work for me I need wifi/LTE calling (no provider has adequate coverage in my home for voice calls) and data bundling. Voxi are charging £15 a month for 20GB at the moment on what is effectively PAYG. Under Zevvle’s charging, 20GB would be £100!


Can you conform that Voxi has LTE calling please Dave?

Data bundling seems to go against Zevvle’s raison d’etre


Voxi doesn’t have LTE, I’ve asked and they say they are looking to add it but there is no time line.

Other than that, it’s a very good plan but the lack of LTE calling means I’ll be switching away as soon as I find a good plan that includes it.