Multiple phone numbers

Hi, I’ve tried the in app customer service but no one has replied in 6 days, and I’ve paid for a sim but it hasn’t arrived. A bit frustrating.

  1. If you order multiple sims do they have separate phone numbers?
  2. Is it possible to add on a sim later?

As my sim hasn’t arrived yet I don’t have access to the rest of the app so I can’t figure these answers out for myself. I’m new to Zevvle. Any help is appreciated.

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They have separate numbers , and you can buy more Sims at anytime.

The delay- I’m not sure what’s happening.


Thanks for your help. It’s a shame because this service is exactly what I’m looking for.

I hope Nick is ok. I guess this is the danger of a one person operation, hopefully he will get someone else on board to help soon.


Have you heard back from nick?

I want to set someone up on zevvle but don’t want to order if it won’t arrive.

No unfortunately. I’ve gone with smarty as I needed it. Not heard from nick

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