OpenVPN servers not connecting?

Hi all,

So here’s a strange one; my ability to connect to my own OpenVPN servers seemed to stop working a few weeks ago. I’m not talking a single server but multiple servers spanning 4 countries. None work. I’ve tried different ports (even 8080 TCP) and the server’s don’t even report an attempted connection!
It’s only on Zevvle these don’t work, same phone and same configs work perfect on WiFi.

Is there a block for these on Zevvle / EE now?

It’s kind of essential for me to be able to VPN into my servers or home network to fetch files I forgot to download before heading out or need to get sent off etc…

Some of the config systems are only exposed to “LAN” for security so need a VPN to get into them too.

This is becoming quite a problem for me now!

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I’ve seen this issue when EE gives the phone just an ipv6 address and no ipv4,
If you go to what type of IP address do you have?

Sounds like my problem here

Only started in the last fortnight. And only on one phone, so have been using the other

Can any of you do a packet capture (Wireshark/tcpdump) on both the client and server side? That should pinpoint the problem pretty easily.

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I’ve just arrived on the ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland. I’ve got the opposite issue where I don’t get any DNS on the mobile network. However using the MyFritz app to VPN via my house router I can access the internet fine.

Oh now I’m on the tram the direct internet connection has decided to work. Odd.

I actually think it’s a roaming issue. I was on the coast getting mainland Europe connection and timezone when it all went pear-shaped. Resolved itself now I’m home :man_shrugging:

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