Post a photo of your first phone! 📱

(Nick Goodall) #1

This was mine (Nokia 2610):


It was on Orange pay as you go, with a classic 10p/text and £too much/minute before the WhatsApp days…

What was yours?

(Dominique) #2

My first phone was a BT Cellnet phone in the year 2000/2001


(Liam) #3

Mine was a Motorola Razr! No idea which though. Something along the lines of this one (but in blue).

(Thierry) #4

Mine was the Nokia 6600… Man I loved that phone!
It was simpler times… when phones were just phones and didn’t need to be charged more than once a week!

I was a huge fan of Nokia and remained faithful to them until they ditched Symbian OS for Windows! Huuuuuuge mistake! There was no way I was going for a Windows Phone so switched my allegiance to Samsung/Android at that point and never looked back…


(Nick Goodall) #5

Probably the coolest flip phone on the market…

Nokia :heart_eyes: I’m tempted to get the new 3310 for nostalgia’s sake…

(Thierry) #6

As a secondary phone yes, definitely. My whole house is IoT so I really need a smartphone to automate everything but would be awesome as a secondary phone

(Rosie) #7

My first was a Sagem My220x on Virgin Mobile:

It was ok at the time but it looks awful by today’s standards!!

I’ve had so many phones and networks thinking about it;
The My220x,
ZTE F102 on 3,
Nokia 2730c on 3,
Sharp flip phone on Vodaphone,
ZTE Racer on 3 (it was bad at the time and just got worse and worse!),
HTC Smart on O2 (it wasn’t smart :frowning: ), iPhone 4 on 3,
Nexus 4 on 3 (2012 - 2018, I only stopped using it because the battery only lasted 40 minutes!),
Xiaomi Mi A1 on 1p then now on TPO (great phone, awful network … I can never get online!).

I like three and 1p the best if those … Want to get away from TPO soon…

(Nick Goodall) #8

I love the 1p concept, just the hassles of PAYG and the £10/GB that get me…

(Rosie) #9

That’s why I had to leave for TPO (£7/3gb contract) but the service was lovely (although no app at all :frowning: )

(Jack) #10

From what I remember my first phone was a hand down from my dad.
I felt so cool and important when I got it :sunglasses:

How times have changed!


(Nick Goodall) #11

:joy: I used to have a similar-looking Samsung – figuring out what tunes were possible on the keypad was always fun…

(Liam) #12

With you on leaving TPO, I had high hopes but everything from coverage to customer service was bad. I cancelled in April, it took until last week for them to send my credit refund.

(Dan Warriner) #13

My first phone was this beauty! Who needs colour screens and emojis, anyway?


(Nick Goodall) #15

That’s the one! :heart_eyes:

(Liam) #16

Mandatory mention of Snake!

(Richard Jones) #17

My first phone, from what I can remember, was the Limited Edition Nokia 3220 (with the flashing lights), on Orange Pay as you Go. It came with a wookie case and a Darth Vader cradle!!! It was the coolest thing I had seen at the time :sweat_smile:
It also took a pounding over the years, probably had that longer than any phone since.

(Nick Goodall) #18

:anguished: Wow, that’s incredible. Nokia eh…


This was my first. Got this through collecting can ring-pulls :sweat_smile:

(Nick Goodall) #20

As if; did not know that existed! :open_mouth:

(Simeon) #21

Think this is the right model, it was a while ago.