Referrals 2.0

Hello :nerd_face:

As hinted at before, we’ve been working on a new referral program. Last year when we planned to offer bundled pricing, you would get a month free for each person you referred. With our new pricing model, that doesn’t work so well… we wanted to do free data, but honestly we can’t afford it. Instead, we want to give you a stake in Zevvle:

We’ve set aside 1 million shares – currently 8% of the company – for helping us grow. You’ll get 1 share per referral, with some 10x bonuses along the way. You can see how many people you’ve referred by entering your email on our homepage.

We’ve answered some questions (when you’ll get them, how much they’re worth, etc.) on this page, and you can read the full blog here:

Let us know what you think! :slight_smile:


This is an interesting idea for referals!

I’ve not got enough social influence to take advantage of this but it seems like a great idea to get growth!

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It will take us a while to give away all the shares, so there’s plenty of time! :slight_smile:

This is an excellent idea, and a lot more attractive to me than a one-off free data. Great to see you already doing things in a different and innovative way. :grin:


I agree, probably no good for Billy no mates like me but innovative and the kind of thing a young network needs

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Researchers for NHK Tokyo have recently demonstrated that influencers on Instagram boost their followers by buying them (strictly against Insta’s rules) in bulk, anything from 1k to 100K and more. Some accounts are ficticious, thought to be generated by bots, many others are from hijacked accounts in poor countries eg South American countries.
Typically individuals do this because as influencers what they earn from endorsing cosmetics or other products is greatly increased.

So now the network is launched are we going to be able to refer people soon?

Looks like the referral text box on the home page which is mentioned on has been removed. Probably needs to be added on to the referral page.

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You’re right – I’m fixing that today :slight_smile:

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