Show total data usage for past months

I was looking through my usage history today to figure out whether I could safely save a bit of money by changing my data plan (maybe pausing some of the project SIM cards I don’t really use much would help more, assuming that affects the £3/mo fee for each but I digress…)

Looking through the historical data, I noticed that there’s no clear way to show how much data has been used over a particular billing cycle, only per day (both on the native and new web app).

I think it’d be useful if you could show somewhere how much data was used in total each month for past months (maybe per device, per month, too but don’t really need that as much) — any chance this could be implemented?

Many thanks for the great work!

The feature did exist, but was temporarily taken away:

The API may be an interim workaround. However from what I can see it’ll mean paginating all of the call records and summing up the costs.


Ah, thanks! I did think I remembered seeing it long ago…

Hopefully it can come back soon, in the meantime I’ll probably go ahead and write a script, then :slight_smile:


Yes, sorry about the delay in getting this out. Will have more on this soon :slight_smile: