Update on esims?

I know this has been mentioned a few times prevoiusly,
but where are we at with the esim rollout? surely it would make Zevvle’s costs even lower during the customer onboarding process. ( i understand not everyone can use an esim)


As nobody has said anything, I have a feeling you are going to get something similar to

Posted in June

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Thank you for sharing Nathan!

Hi Kate, we are eager to get this rolled out as soon as possible and understand it’s an important innovation for our customers. We are still confident of being able to offer e sims as part of our offer alongside physical SIM cards by the end of this year. We will keep you updated so keep your eyes peeled on the forums! Regards, Sibel


Looks like Apple are abandoning the SIM slot in the US and going eSIM only. Having never used an eSIM before and heating the complaints some people have with the process it will be interesting to see how it gets drilled out more widely securely.

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Thanks Sean, this is something we’ve been monitoring closely since the announcement was made.

We are looking forward to announcing the introduction of e sims for Zevvle. The current expectation in terms of timescales is by the end of this year but we will keep Zevvlers updated on this. We want to ensure of course that when esims are launched they will work perfectly and will be working closely with our partners to ensure this is the case.

E sims as well as WiFi calling are two very important upcoming innovations for the network.

Thanks again for the post.


The UK is so far behind on this - I landed in Thailand, picked up a SIM at the airport (unlimited data for about £20 a month), logged in to the network, toggled a couple of switches and the ‘convert to esim’ option appeared under mobile data on my iphone 13. Tapped it and my esim was activated.

Similar process in Aus, online, ‘convert to esim’ - seemless.

In Greece, it’s a complex process, you have to go into the shop and pay 10 euros, takes them about 20 minutes for some reason.

But nowhere did I have to wait for a QR code.


Thanks for the feedback, we definitely agree that esims is going to be a very important evolution for mobile networks in the U.K. and it’s helpful to get first hand feedback and insight from trusted members into what’s going on around the world to put alongside our research.

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Any update regarding this?

Hi @kai

Thank you for your message, testing is taking place at present and we are confident of a launch at the start of next year. As soon as any updates/information is shared with me I will update the forum.

Kind Regards,



Hi @SibelRawahy, are you able to share whether an esim launch is still likely in the next couple of months? My contract with Virgin is up and I’d like to give Zevvle another go but can’t without esim support. :crossed_fingers:

I would love to see eSIM support too. Any chance to take part in a trial?

The latest news about esims was hidden in the February update:


Oooh, thanks, exciting!

Hi all,

We have been in touch with the people running the project and have been informed the eSIM delivery date is dependant upon the delivery of New Stack project, and a secondary project for the eSIM deployment.

The dates that I currently have are May/June for eSIM, although this date is still to be finalised.


@SibelRawahy, do you have any further information on a likely date for eSIM availability? Is this month or July still likely?


Hi @jzw95 , thank you for your message, I have been in contact with the team running the project and unfortunately there has been some delays with this and the feedback that I have received so far is - the project is still underway with delivery in the near future.

Please keep an eye on this thread as I will have a full update for you all towards the end of next week.



Does this mean that eSIMs are coming soon? :eyes: :crossed_fingers:


Indeed it does @jzw95 I’m reluctant to set a date but suffice to say it’s on the horizon.


:hugs::hugs: I completely understand not wanting to give a date, but that’s exciting nonetheless! So great that we’re getting close. I can’t wait to rejoin Zevvle :grin: