Use multiple networks?

Are there any plans to allow the Zevvle SIM to use multiple underlying mobile networks, depending on which has the strongest signal (or by manual choice from the user)? I really like everything about Zevvle, except that it uses EE as the mobile network.

Back in the days of Orange, I never would have even considered it because their network was so bad in Scotland. I’d thought/hoped that given they joined with T-Mobile and presumably have developed the network since those days that it would be better. Unfortunately, the network still seems to be weak, even in cities. I get very poor-to-no reception indoors, compared with O2 where I generally had 4–5 bars.

So I was wondering if it might be possible in the future to use O2 with Zevvle, either automatically when it has a stronger signal or by manually switching?

I suspect this would be a really expensive addition. Would be cool though, although I’m very resigned to the fact that no mobile network will give me signal at my house. :smile:

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Same; also it would probably make setting up the network, apps and billing MUCH more confusing!

I’d much rather the time go into other projects, such as the web app.


This would actually be really neat a feature tbh

But I’d have to agree with @thom_horne that this could be better spent giving us functionality that we don’t have already

like eSIM


Curious why you think a web app is important? I’ve had no issue managing everything from the app


Simply because it will mean that anyone can use Zevvle, including those with basic phones and anyone crazy enough to still be holding onto a Windows Phone.

Personally I’m fine with just using and having the app.


Any stats on how many people actually don’t have an android or ios smartphone? From a brief Google looks like the average in the UK is <10% and only decreasing. If that’s the case doesn’t seem worth it to build a feature for a small minority

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Businesses can use it too so it’s building it for a larger market while catering for a smaller one all on the same dollar


The fact that diversity in the OS market is shrinking is a bad thing, I welcome anything to avoid it!

The app-based startup world is already pretty restricting. I run a slightly unusual installation of Android and even that has meant that I’m unable to open accounts with places like Dozens, Freetrade, TSB, and N26. Even the Monzo app is somewhat crippled.

What about Starling and Revolut, the only good fintech :relieved:

Opening a Starling account just to try this out. :sweat_smile: There are some blank blocks on the screen with error messages that I assume are meant to be maps, but otherwise okay so far ^^

I’ve had a Revolut account before and don’t want to sign up again, but I can at least confirm that the app launches successfully! More than can be said for Freetrade.

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What happened? :cold_sweat:

No concrete plans yet, but something we’d love to do! The world over, as well… any country, any network for 1 price seems like the holy grail. Stand by…

There’d definitely be work involved on our side, but from a user perspective it should just ‘work.’ We turn it on, and everyone has it. No difference to the app, billing, etc. The hard part will be negotiating our wholesale costs…

It already exists with Anywhere SIM, Pebble, etc., but the pricing is prohibitive…

Honest Mobile also have this planned (not launched yet) with their ‘Smart Signal’ (?!?!), but it’s an optional £10/month extra.

Which one…? And how does the Zevvle app fare? :sweat_smile:


I run LineageOS. That in itself doesn’t cause problems, but I also don’t have Google Play Services installed. Many many apps assume its existence and so don’t work or just crash.

The Monzo app is mostly okay - the worst thing is that I don’t get any notifications from them, which is a shame.

The Zevvle app runs perfetly. :heart_eyes:

@Recchan: I just have vague memories of it being a pain to close the account, but I might be thinking of Monese. :disappointed_relieved:

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It used to be but now they have a button to close it in the app - no questions asked!


Can you be emotionally blackmailed by an icon?


Not really - I do my best to not form an emotional attachment with an account provider :slight_smile:

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Turns out Starling has the exact same problems as Monzo :sweat_smile: No maps, no notifications, and a bunch of these annoying windows popping up:

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Problem with non-official OS.

Banking applications can get funny due to possible security problems with the OS.

Annoying as a lot of alternatives are better than the official phone OS.


No such thing as an official OS :stuck_out_tongue: Just mainstream and not so mainstream.

In these cases at least the apps aren’t actively refusing to work either. They’re just not doing any feature detection, assuming the presence of certain services, and then failing inelegantly.