Voice outage — September 23rd, 2020 (resolved)

Hi all,

There’s an incident affecting incoming and outgoing calls for all MVNOs on our network. We don’t yet know the cause; BT and our supplier Transatel are working to resolve it.

Data and SMS are not affected.

We’ll keep you posted with further updates,



All MVNOs on BT or just Transatel?

We don’t know, I’d assume only the Transatel ones (not including BT Mobile, Asda mobile, etc.)

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Would be nice to have some form of actual status system, maybe via Text or as a push notification to the app.

Finding out calls aren’t working by means of randomly scrolling through my RSS reader is definitely not my preferred method. :sweat_smile:

Maybe I can set myself up something that alerts me of a new entry on the network status tag on this forum… :thinking:

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Agreed; we floated the idea before, but will make this happen in the short-term with info in-app and push notifications.


As of 12:06 pm the incident has been resolved, although we don’t yet know the root cause.

  • Start time: 23/9/20 10:23 AM
  • End time: 23/9/20 12:06 PM

This is easy to do:

  1. Go to Network Status: https://community.zevvle.com/c/zevvle-chat/network-status/12
  2. Click the notification icon on the top right
  3. Choose the approriate option for how much notification you’d like:
  4. Await the browser notifications (if setup) and/or emails.

Uhh! That could indeed work, let me give that a shot and see if I can make that send me push notifications with the discourse app.

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If you’re an RSS user you should be able to subscribe to the Discourse topic too.

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