WiFi SIP Phone suggestions

I’m ditching my adsl connection for 4g broadband but want to keep my std number for occasional incoming calls - using Sipgate.

It would just be a single phone so no need of a DECT setup. The Grandstream WP810 looks like an ideal solution, apart from the price. Any other ideas appreciated.

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Could a software based solution in a computer and/or your mobile phone be a possible option? Alternatively forwarding the calls to your mobile too. We go through so few “landline” calls now that if I was seeing it up now that would be a route that I would consider.


Yes, I’ve just tried Zoiper and it works well but needs a subscription I think for full functionality. Also I prefer to keep landline stuff separate from my mobile (spam callers), so have taken the plunge and ordered the WP810. Surprised that there are few alternative WiFi handsets.

I have been surprised at the lack of WiFi based phones when I looked about 6 years ago at the options. I suspect the WiFi components are more expensive and complex than DECT, possibly a contributory factor.

I’ve never used Zopier. Some Android variants have the SIP account stuff built into the phone app which I’ve used in the past. I’ve also used the telephone so on my Mac though not done many calls with it.

I get more spam calls through my mobile than my VoIP landline somehow. Pretty much all calls through the geographic number are valid non spam calls.

Something we’re going to work on after rebuilding for the web. :blush:


On my Android, I use ZoiPer (although I keep meaning to switch to using Android’s built in functionality - go to the “Dialler/Telephone”, select the 3 dot menu top right to access Settings, select Calls and then Calling accounts).

On Windows, I use ZoiPer5 (I used to use Counterpath’s Bria: but that ended up being more and more expensive with them discontinuing/forcibly blocking old versions).

We did also have a dual wireless phone system which supported standard landline and SIP connections (VoIP) - but I can’t seem to find which brand that was. Some network routers (like our Draytek Vigor2860Vn+) support having an inbound PSTN (normal phone line) connection, external SIP accounts and normal “internal” phone connectors - but I haven’t tried that setup yet.

Our VoIP accounts are with Gradwell, but we’ve also got a Twilio number forwarding to them. Gradwell certainly is not the cheapest, but the friction involved in porting numbers and the effort I’m currently willing to put in don’t correspond.

If Zevvle could offer a “high-tech” solution - such as you pick a number (01, 02, 03, 07 etc), it’s allocated to your Zevvle account and then any phone calls or text messages are then routed as you want (to your Zevvle SIM whilst calling your desktop SIP phone and then falling back to your designated landline after 4 rings, with text messages going to the SIM and email) then wowsers!


Thanks for all the great suggestions. Following advice here I’m using the inbuilt SIP function of the android phone until the Grandstream one arrives. It works well although enabling the receive call option has an impact on battery.

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On my mobile phone (iPhone) I use GroundWire for my old landline number that I ported to SIPgate.

In the home I use Siemens Gigaset handsets.

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