Rebuilding Zevvle for the open web 🕸


Over the next few weeks, we’re rebuilding Zevvle for the open web. That means an app you can access from anywhere, on any device. We’re going to keep mobile apps, but in a different form (still fast and smooth!).

Being an engineering team of one (:raising_hand_man:), coordinating the current app and its API across a few gate-kept ecosystems has become less-than-fun and we’ve started to slow down, which is Not Good™.

We’ll develop this as an open beta starting next week. With a blank slate, it’s also a great time to let us know your gripes and what you’d like to improve!

Have a great weekend :blush:

- Nick


An insanely good idea. :grin:


That’s awesome news! Can’t wait to see what wonders you have in store… :speak_no_evil:

do give me a shout if there’s any chance you’re looking to expand to an engineering team of two! :slight_smile:


Sounds good. If the apps doesn’t have much to do with the hw of the phone itself then I imagine it should be entirely doable. Checking app perms… just Contacts. :+1:



Certainly!! :smiley:

Exactly, yes (there’ll be notifications as well).

I think one of the most recurring requests from the other companies that initially went app only is a web interface to be able to access the service on a normal computer and not need a phone. Particularly useful when doing other linked tasks on the computer.

Granted we are now starting to see normal iO mobile apps able to be used on the Apple M1 desktops and laptops which is enabling some cross over. Could we start to see Android going a similar way of allowing the normal apps to run on desktop and laptops too?