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(Nick Goodall) #1

(Thierry) #2

Talking about Data, what would be really good as well, is to include Mobile Hotspot in Data!!!
More and more people start using MH with their WIFI tablets and most of the networks hide the fact that Mobile Hotspot is not included in the data plan and charge customers separately for it… not cool!

In another post you talked about not having any hidden charges with Zevvle, well, that’s one that customers will probably not want to see anytime soon…

(Nick Goodall) #3

Yes, yes, yes! All data will include “mobile hotspot” (aka tethering). It’s your data, do what you want with it.

I’m also exploring something more PAYG-esque as well (like bulb energy), as data “bundles” have some issues… more on that later :slight_smile:

(Thierry) #4

Have you considered a discount on the month bill if a small amount of data has been used?
For instance, if I have 30GB included in my plan and use only 1GB, that would be nice to get some money back as I don’t think any network does that already (at least none of the historic ones).

(Leon) #5

Sky mobile does, it’s powered by the o2 network. I hope that helps.

(Nick Goodall) #6

SMARTY also does this (Three-owned), though it kind of begs the question “Why are you paying for that data in the first place?”

Bundles a great deal for everyone maxing out their plan, but everyone else has to pick up the pieces (e.g. using 1GB out 30!)…

(Jack) #7

I’d love the app to interpret how much data you have left in this way:

“You have enough data left for 100 snapchats”
“You have 30 mins of HD YouTube left”
“ you have approx 600 iMessages worth of data left”

People find gigabytes and megabytes confusing as there’s no context around it. By making the amount imaginable it’s easier for the end user to grasp.

(Nick Goodall) #8

Now there’s an idea! :smiley: That’s possible without SIMs as well, and easy enough to make it relevant with the most-used apps.

(Leon) #9

Now that would be even more confusing not unless you have a extensive group of apps to apply the above with, as WhatsApp uses less data then YouTube for example.

Even worse even apps within the same family differ wildly on the data consumption. A point of note is YouTube Music uses more data then Google Play Music. It’s not going to be as easy as first thought.

P. S. Having things like YouTube and WhatsApp might be fine but what if the person concerned doesn’t use those apps? Surely that would be as confusing as the status quo.

(Nick Goodall) #10

It would take all of this into account and base it on your top 2-3 apps to keep it relevant. So if Snapchat was using most of your data, it would use that. Likewise for WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Play Music, etc. And if it can’t state anything relevant, just leave it out altogether. Does that make sense?

And as Jack said, it could also correlate the data usage with time and say “You’ve enough data to watch YouTube for another 2 hours.”

(Jack) #11

Yes the idea was more about helping people understand how much 500mb will approximately give them. In practice it wouldn’t work to an exact number I don’t think. It’s about providing context around the data to how you could use it.

(Richard Jones) #12

I currently use Virgin Mobile, I have 30GB of data a month (triple lifetime data 10GB contract) and what ever I don’t use out of the contracted data (10GB) is carried over into the following month. As I usually use less than 20GB a month, the 10GB is always carried over, meaning I am basically on a 40GB/month contract. This is perfect for me, as I am away from a good wifi connection quite often and means I can tether my Laptop and not worry about using up all my data. :heart_eyes:

The negative point I recently found… Virgin limit your speed abroad to 3G to cut costs… I had to take out a GiffGaff goodybag during a recent holiday in France, to allow me to complete some University work. :disappointed_relieved:

(Thierry) #13

that would be extremely difficult to implement! For example, 5 minutes of a 360 YT video stream is not the same as 5 minutes of an HD or UHD or 4K YT video…

In my opinion, it would be just better to keep how it is (x number of GB per month) and have a detailed information on approximately what you can do with it, but it will never be an exact science because it depends on too many factors that the network can’t predict

(Nick Goodall) #14

Given the data rate, you could reasonably estimate what video quality it is (~7.4MB/minute for 720p on YouTube, for example) and give a good prediction. However, this is starting to get off track from launching a new mobile network… :sweat_smile:

(Shaun McDonald) #15

It’s cheaper to pay for extra data each month than to pay the excess fees that most operators charge, even when usage is variable. Sometime you can get a very good deal for more data, but if you move down for a few months, you can’t get that deal back when you need to move back up to the higher data usage tier.

(Nick Goodall) #16

Oh definitely; I was questioning why it’s set up this way in the first place (low price bundle + high price excess fees). The lower-priced data is a positive, but you end up paying extra anyway to insure against higher usage. This is where SMARTY does well to remove those charges.