Zevvle for the web 2.0


As mentioned last week, the web app is getting an overhaul. It’s built completely differently, and is finally a form of Zevvle I’m happy with…

The URL is the same as before — https://app.zevvle.com.

It’s almost at parity with the old web app, but has few new features as well:

  • Usage summaries! I’ve wanted these for a while, and they’re finally here. You can cut and slice usage by type, SIM card and across time periods (from years to months to days). By clicking on the graph you can drill down to the next period (i.e. go from months to days), and clicking on an hourly interval will take you to the list of call records.
  • Call record filters. To make the above hourly intervals work, there are call type and time filters — we’ll certainly add more, and let us know if there are any you’d like to see in particular (e.g. duration, charge, calling/dialled numbers, origin/destination)…
  • Dark mode! This makes working on it much easier for a night owl like me. :sweat_smile:
  • JavaScript (or the lack thereof). With the exception of anything card details related (i.e. using Stripe, our payment processor), everything works without JavaScript. This makes me irrationally happy for some reason; it turns out you can push HTML + CSS quite far… and if JS is enabled, we’ll leverage that to make things a little smoother.
  • A temporarily different API. The original one was getting unwieldy, and I didn’t want to start performing surgery in case I break something. For now this is using delightful-api.zevvle.com, which will replace api.zevvle.com when it’s live.
  • The nerd section. This will eventually replace the separate developers website, but a few things are missing. For now I’m using it to test the above API.

Anything missing (e.g. updating card details) is on its way, and then it’s the home stretch to complete the app (SIM ordering, sign up, etc.). I can’t wait. :nerd_face:

The mobile apps

The iOS beta app won’t work with this, and in fact we’re going to discontinue the mobile apps completely when this is ready for production. We may bring them back in the future, but for now maintaining them in the app stores is more than I can handle.

However the web app is incredibly mobile friendly, and works great as a Progressive Web App (PWA):

I hope you like it, and I’ll be back soon with more updates. Any extras you’d like to see let me know!

- Nick


I love this! Dark mode looks amazing :blush:
Found a couple early issues on Safari and sent you details via the in-app chat!

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Yes, thank you so much — working on them as we speak :slight_smile:

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Nick, you’re beautiful and I love you. :woman_cook::kissing_heart:

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Absolutely love this Nick! Dark mode is on point :fire: Makes complete sense to discontinue the mobile apps, it’s easy to add a PWA to the home screen (on iOS anyway). Keep up the awesome work :raised_hands:

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Thank you! :blush:

Hi @nick

Looking good, however is the home screen supposed to show more info:

I don’t appear to have any SIM Controls?

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Coming! On your profile (top right dropdown) you can get to the SIMs; I’ve been deliberating over the home page and what’s most important to show…


Strange, I can see in here (the community) and sign in on the app (via email link) but not Sign in | Zevvle with my email and password?

Do I need to set up a new account for this perhaps?


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Your community forum account is indeed separate from your Zevvle account.

I think you’ll just need to request a password reset using the same email address that you used to sign up for Zevvle in the app.


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Strange as I reset my account password only a few weeks ago. Edit: never mind, logged in now, for some reason my forum and account passwords are different!


This looks wonderful! Only issue I can think of is what will you do now for notifications on iPhones (such as the one saying you could save money by switching to another plan?)


PWAs do support push notifications :slight_smile:

Not on iOS unfortunately! Apple decided not to support it, presumably for anticompetitive reasons :pensive:


Huh, didn’t know that! :slight_smile:

I’d prefer an email personally. Or even an SMS.


SMS! That’ll be ready before releasing this fully, and will use email for less important updates :slight_smile:

Could maybe do webhooks or some other open channel (Matrix?)…


Would love to have webhooks, sounds great! (in fact, might’ve even asked for that in the past for calculator-related purposes :eyes:)

As a complement to that, could you perhaps also store notifications and have an endpoint to fetch notifications since a given timestamp, as well as to clear/mark as received, for custom integrations and people who might want to read them in the web client rather than/in addition to push? Would be helpful also for when one accidentally clicks a push notification without reading the text, and getting sent to some random page, as then you could review the content of the message…


Yes to all of that; has been on my mind as well :smiley:


1990s are calling!