Zevvle Telegram Group

Has anyone thought of a Zevvle Telegram Group?
Its basically like a WhatsApp group chat apart from your number doesn’t show. I think it will be good :smile:

What benefit do you think a chatroom would serve? My hesitation is fragmenting communication, plus another thing for us to manage… :sweat_smile:


It’s just where people could chat about zevvle and any ideas etc if you know what I mean :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

But that’s here!


Why would it be good?


How many Telegram groups are you in? I’m not in any. I’m starting to get a little fed up with the fragmentation of the communication networks that are possible.


I’m willing to give up the @Zevvle username on Telegram. :flushed:

Initially it was intended to be a channel to post stuff from Twitter, like;

You could set up a bot that does automatic cross-posting. I prefer Telegram for most stuff. :hugs:

Not sure about a chat for Zevvle tho ‘cause it’s relatively small atm.

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I didn’t know that was even a thing!

Will 100% do that; thank you for keeping our name safe :wink: I’ve wanted to do a bit more with our ‘changelog’ anyway, so I’ll do that after the next update.


I demand one free share in Zevvle! :see_no_evil:

Just kidding, you could DMCA me anyway! https://telegram.org/faq#q-a-bot-or-channel-is-infringing-on-my-copyright-what-do-i-do

BTW, for those who are interested, we do have a chat group for FinTech (or anything tech related, it doesn’t have to be Monzo related). Could use more discussions in various topics.

or, a Revolut specific group;


Out of interest (and this applies to anyone), what do you want to see most from us or any brand on a channel like that? Twitter, too…

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As someone that’s already here I like what we get from the forum and blog. But I guess other platforms would be more for luring in potential customers so idk.

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I don’t expect much but it would really impress me if any (tech) company with internet presence is on Telegram. More and more people/government officials are using Telegram these days. I hope they cater everyone.

I don’t expect much, whether it’s on Twitter or Telegram, just a link to the latest post on Zevvle blog would suffice.

My favourite verified channels being Financial Times (free-to-read) and Bloomberg. They post regularly 'cause they are mass media company after all.

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This sounds like what an RSS reader is for :yum: Don’t need some third party service for that.


I do use a bot to pull RSS feed for (my) Monzo and Starling channels. It’s just nice to be able to access everything in one place. :v:

Used to be able to use Telegram as a Twitter client. It was good ‘cause I was able to read (and archive) tweets and didn’t have to access Twitter.

Fair enough ^^ Centralising things is nice.

Ideally blog updates and bits of information like that. Twitter is for the interacting with other people sort of thing, but Telegram channels are for useful information, like https://t.me/BotNews


Just to add, that Telegram Chats are generally a bad idea. They’re great for small gatherings, groups or clubs, but when you have a group chat with 100,000+ people in it, things go downhill fast. A channel would be fine though (and if people want a chat, usually an unofficial one will spring up eventually).


It seems like someone has already made one

I think that group is owned by @kai

They may be username squatting until @nick decides he wants to use it - as per this thread.

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