Data Bundles

Is there any plans for data bundles?
I like the idea of the unlimited calls&sms with PAYG data, but what about a specific data allowance with PAYG calls&SMS?
Personally, I think it be a good idea if zevvle had both.
What could also be a good idea, is Data add-ons.
For example, pay as you go calls&SMS but the option to add data. EG: 1GB for £5 and so on.
I feel like it would be a good idea, as it means zevvle could be suitable for people who want to save money and suitable for people who use more data than people on PAYG.

Sorry for the long post :sweat_smile:

This was discussed in the thread Multi-SIM bundles where the conclusion was Zevvle’s unique selling point is to not need to worry about bundles and get charged a reasonable amount.

The latest pricing Pricing proposal [Tiered data with unlimited calls & texts] of tiered pricing is producing a nice balance so that the prices are around the cost of PAYG and monthly data bundles. You’ll find some contracts or PAYG tariffs cheaper and some that are more expensive than Zevvle. You are not locked in and are charged for your actual data usage, don’t need to plan in advance (other than monthly/additional/auto top-up) as to how much you’ll use, which is very useful when you have variable usage.


@nick is there any plans for bundles on zevvle? :blush:

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At least for the foreseeable future I’m afraid not. We need to focus on growing with our current model as we spent too long faffing with it. I realise it won’t be for everyone, but if you’ve got any ideas on how we could make it better work for you we’re all ears. :slight_smile:


@nick This is what I said in my original post :blush:
I said aswell as having the Pay as you go option , zevvle could have a bundle option. I think it would be perfect so people can switch between the two, and it would mean zevvle would be for everyone :blush:

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What’s reason for wanting a bundle over the PAYG? What’s the sticking point about going to a PAYG model?

How much data, calls and texts do you typically use and how much do you pay?

The Zevvle pricing isn’t like a standard PAYG pricing where the cost is very high for any medium or high usage. Zevvle are cheaper than some of the pay monthly/PAYG data bundles available on the market.


I suppose you are right about how much cheaper zevvle are :blush: I usually pay £10 for 3GB. I also meant if there is an option to go on pay as you go and an option to have bundles. I’m sorry if I’m being annoying, I just like to come up with new ideas and suggestions :see_no_evil: :joy::sweat_smile:

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Those are not the same! Truly, thank you for the suggestions and ideas, but it’s certainly not annoying. :slight_smile:

@tim & I have discussed bundles at length, but we need to be vigilant with the temptation of “one more thing” to please everyone. What we’ve got will work well for enough people for Zevvle to be successful – we don’t need or want to corner every cranny of the market.


So if you use the whole 3GB, Zevvle will cost £2 (monthly sim fee) + £5 (first GB) + £2 (second GB) + £1 (thirds and later GB) + whatever you use for calls and texts = £10+. It’s an extra £3 for unlimited calls and texts, so if you are regularly using more than 100 minutes or texts (any combination of) regularly, then it’s cheaper to use this option.

Do you use exactly 3GB every month? Do you ever go over the 3GB limit, and how much are you charged if you do? With Zevvle in the months that you use less, then you’ll be charged less, use more it’s only £1 per GB. If your usage is very variable, then with Zevvle you’ll get a reasonable based on your actual usage. With bundles it relies on people not using much/all of the bundle for the operators to make money.

With Zevvle the idea is that if the price goes down, it goes down for everyone, rather than some people being able to haggle for a better deal if they phone up or use the chat each year. There are several businesses that I’m aware of who are successful by having a standard price list, and standard discounts due to long term lock-in, rather than aiming for the cheapest pricing to attract customers.