Friday, September 25th — Shared data


Shared data is now live! :tada:

Make sure you’re running the latest version of the app (it should update automatically for you; this isn’t an app-store update):

What does this mean?

Shared data is the next iteration of Zevvle; instead of individual plans per SIM, you’ll have 1 plan for an account with as many SIMs sharing data as you want.

For existing bundle plans we’ve just switched them over to shared plans. If you have 1 SIM card there’s not much difference, but for multiple SIMs the new allowance is the sum of all their allowances the rest of this month, as well as any rewards, add-ons, etc. Also, multiple bundle SIMs are now better-value…

You can modify the settings, next month’s plan, etc. by tapping on the usage bar on the Account Tab (there should be an animation, but we’re going to make this clearer):

I’m far from a radio mast, okay?

Bundle plan changes

If you had a data-only SIM, it’s now a ‘shared data’ SIM with pay-as-you-go calls and texts. The price is the same, but you can now make calls and send messages at our normal rates — 3p/minute and 3p/SMS.

The regular plans with unlimited calls & texts are no different (except they now share data…).

If you’re on PAYG…

…And want to switch, send us a message and we’ll do it for you — this isn’t built into the app. No changes have been made to our older PAYG plans, but you’ll be missing out on all this. *waves hands about*

This isn’t a “fully rounded-out” release; we wanted to get it out now and we’ll quickly iterate over the next week or so to iron out any kinks*. We’ll do a complete update with our website, a blog post and newsletter next week.

*E.g., our website pricing is outdated, and the separate places for billing and the plan selection is weird and we don’t like it.

Let us know if we can help with anything — we’re monitoring things closely! — and otherwise have a great weekend. :blush:


PS. We’ll also do an update on Monday with what’s coming in the short-term. :calendar:


I really like have you’ve implemented this @nick, looks great!

It doesn’t come across quite so well above so for others, if you’ve got multiple SIMs, it also shows how much of the allowance each SIM has used:

Looking forward to future iterations of this!


I’m missing the prediction of how much Zevvle think I’ll use this month on the bar. Maybe it only existed on the PAYG tariff before?

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Will add this back! :slight_smile:

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