Getting started


As mentioned last week, we’re working on Zevvle for the web. We’ll develop this in the open as a beta until we’re ready to transition across in a few weeks. Our current mobile apps will update as well toward the end. :blush:

This is not polished, and almost all of the functionality is missing —you can sign in, see this month’s usage and a list of call records. We’ll bring the rest of it online in short order. The domain is

Talking about signing in…


We’ve introduced passwords instead of the current “magic links.” They’re faster and we don’t need to rely on a third-party for emails, which has sometimes been an issue. And with the rise of password managers, remembering them is less of a problem than it used to be.

If you’re logging in for the first time, you’ll need to set yours here: There are only 2 rules: it has to be 8 characters or more, and we can’t find it in a data breach…

And fear not, we don’t store them in plain text. This is the hash of mine: $2a$12$Qw6fu6U0n7R73TAgchD0GuOLbWFB3sXbHLr/644zinD8bCsc2p7K2.

Nothing’s final, we love feedback, and we’ll back with more soon :slight_smile:

- Nick


Not sure if its because I’m on an old PAYG account, but when I try and reset my password, I get to the page where you put in the new password, enter it twice, then get this when I press the reset password button:

Also, I had to reset the phone my Zevvle SIM is in, and can’t find the app on on the Play Store to reinstall it?

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Was just about to message you about this :sweat_smile: You’re right it is the PAYG — the fix is en route.

Google removed it and we had to re-submit (nothing nefarious!) which is currently pending review. You can download the app directly from here in the meantime.

No rush for me, you can tell I don’t use the SIM that much, sorry! :slight_smile:

Done, thank you :smile:

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I’ve got it into a datasets where the spare SIM is the only one that is showing in terms of usage and can’t seem to switch to my main one. Maybe I’m missing something.

Nope, will add that tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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Getting a similar error when trying to reset my password for the first time – I’m not on PAYG as far as I know, interesting…

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Fix incoming!

My app was updated 12 hours ago, it has the out of date ! In the corner and when I click update app it opens the play store where there’s no update, I’m on Android 11

But there’s also a grammar mistake

But it’s practically the weekend let’s be honest, so it can wait.

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Thank you for pointing this out! The grammar mistake was intentional. :sweat_smile:


Ah, bcrypt. My favourite hash :slight_smile:. I literally just got done writing a Uni assignment with a section on why it’s better than just doing the ol’ MD5 and calling it a day.

I’m getting the same issue of the app saying it is out of date when the app store is saying it’s the latest version.
I’m on Android 10.

I think there’s ‘internal updates’ as well over the air (not sure how to best phrase this but it updates the JavaScript files) which is what that button installs

I think the intention is that it does the over the air update, however tapping the update button takes me to the Google play app store. @nick

It does either — OTA or link to the App Store. However, the assumption is that both iOS and Android are running the same version… that has been true, but we needed to push an emergency update last week so they’re out of sync. Removing the update notice for Android would introduce it for iOS. This was poorly done in hindsight (:raising_hand_man:), but with the web version coming soon I don’t think we’ll get it fixed. Sorry about this.

Multi-SIM selection is almost done, but wasn’t as trivial as I expected… will have that out early next week. :slight_smile:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


YES! Sensible password policies. If only everyone knew these…


Also just noticed the bcrypt hash with a sensible 4096 rounds. Technically limits the useful length of passwords to 72 bytes but honestly there are bigger security problems in the world.

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I tried a really long password (think it was 100 characters) with 1Password and the Zevvle password reset form said the limit was about 72 characters instead.

72 ASCII chars = 72 bytes :wink:


Might want to think about doing auto overflow for those of us on desktops and/or have scrollbars always visible :stuck_out_tongue:. Still, 10 points for using native scrollbars!