Pricing 4.0

Another pricing change?!

As of 1am this morning (midnight UTC), data in the UK and Europe costs £2/GB. We thought about doing bundles, but this is the best of both worlds – pay only for what you use, and you can still budget with a fixed monthly top-up.

We’ve also made some changes to our terms:

  • A minimum £15 top-up every 3 months. You can spread this over multiple top-ups, so it doesn’t have to be in one go.
  • The maximum usage is 25 GB per SIM per month. (Don’t ask us about this one…)



In first to ask about this one… :wink:


I wonder if it’s too do with roaming? Comes in close to the typical £50 cap when roaming to prevent shock bills.

The new pricing is much better and works well for me. It’s around what I was paying on the quieter months, and will be about double on the high use months based on previous usage. Combined with the better service, it’s worth it and less of a worry about the data price/data usage.


It would appear that the person who wants to use the phone for calls is being ignored. There must be significant numbers that need to use voice calls and would benefit from 2g, 3g and 4g calling along with WiFi calling and a decent handset.

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Hello! Thank you for joining :smirk:

The (very vague) reason for this is the way in which we pay for data on the backend, and that comes with some limits…

We’re working on 1 bundle for calling & messaging (with one developer, we can only do one thing at a time), and as for 4G & WiFi calling, they won’t be coming anytime soon – I can’t give a timeframe, but I’d talk about it in years instead of months.

As soon as we can do it we will, but it means scale + an engineering team.


Hehe! Thank you, i’ve been a member for over a month, but have only just popped my Zevvle community comment cherry :wink:


What happens if we don’t reach the minimum? Will there be an automated top up at the end of the third month?

I mean the hypothetical scenario in which you haven’t set a monthly top-up, you don’t spend enough to activate an auto top up and you neglect to do a manual top up.


We’ll notify you, and you’ll have a month to top-up before we deactivate the account (notifying you before that happens as well). :slight_smile:

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£15/quarter equates to 2.5 GB/month (less calls & texts), which is about 3 times my data usage. If credit doesn’t expire how will this fit my usage pattern or am I missing something (quite likely).


Just sent you a message. :slight_smile:

The inconvenient reality is that we can’t sustain low usage, and this felt like the least sketchy way to go about it.


I’m a very low usage user.

In this scenario, I’ll just build up a lot of credit. What happens then?

Just sent you a message :slight_smile:

This is excellent news! I’ve been meaning to switch to Zevvle already, and now I’m even more excited. :smiley: (Have a lot going on at the moment, which has delayed my switch.)

It also equates to £5/month – I’m not sure there’s anywhere else you can get such a low rate. Even giffgaff now charge £6 for their least expensive bundle.


I’m not sure about the 15£ per 3 months requirement. Not only is it confusing & bad user experience, but also, how does that play with the “your credit doesn’t expire”? Either they accumulate tons of credit without using it and then ask for a refund, in which case you aren’t any better off in terms of profitability as you gave them their money back (+ payment processing fees), or you have to somehow “expire” their credit in order to profit but that’s a scummy thing to do.

Why not use volume discounts? The first 1GB is at a higher price to make up for low usage, but after that the price decreases to make it attractive for high-volume users. This would solve the issue of low-usage accounts not being profitable while remaining a straightforward “pay for what you use”.


Agree, I was anticipating some form of tier based on monthly usage to cater for both low and high usage.

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We were going to do it as £5/month instead, but wanted a bit of flexibility in case someone tops up £15 in month 1; we didn’t want to force top-ups every month.

Above the £15/3 months, we’ll refund as normal if you need. Below that, you’ll need to close the account for the refund.

In the case of tiers like “0-1 GB = £5, 2-5 = £3” or something, that felt more confusing than the above, and we’d have to do it per-SIM.

As for something like a fixed per-GB rate based on usage, we’re not ruling it out just yet. This tends towards a bundle though, so I’m not entirely sure how we’d do it. Will keep an eye on things and see what happens. Again, we’re trying to keep it as simple as possible!

Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:

As I’ve mentioned in a few private messages, and I’ll mention here – if you joined us before August 8th and the £15 over 3 months is an issue, we’ll happily add an exception for your account. Just send me a message. :blush:


For pretty much all bundles or pay monthly tariffs I’ve seen there’s a minimum cost of £5 or £6 per month.

If you have lower usage, then you pay a higher amount per MB/min/sec without the bundles.

I like the flexibility of not needing to use an exact minimum amount per month, and being able to average it over a longer period. I find it unlikely that I’ll personally be affected, though can see low users being affected.

I like to see this sort of thing when companies grandfather in aspects of old plans to keep their customers.

I suppose the £5 per month fee as originally done was just too much for nothing else included, however as a minimum usage level seems much more reasonable. As you get more customers, you can probably average out the cost and lower the minimum usage requirement per sim if there’s enough mid-high usage people.


Sorry if this has been explained somewhere and I’ve missed it but:

Is the £15 per 3 months per SIM or per account?

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It’s per account. :slight_smile:


Isn’t that horrible user experience? Why not just make them pay more for their lower usage (first GB being more expensive) instead of kicking them out or making them keep a growing balance they won’t actually use (can’t wait for the thread “what’s your highest Zevvle balance so far?”)…

I don’t see how it’s more confusing - it seems more straightforward than this relatively hidden 15£/3 months minimum. The app could just charge you more for data and if you click on the feed entry it’ll say “First GB on this SIM has been charged at a higher rate”.

On your pricing page, you can just copy Twilio’s example:

I think they’ve done an excellent job at making volume discounts easy to understand. Better than a 15£/3 months minimum deposit which raises tons of questions (as the above posts confirm).

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