Wednesday, May 13th — Useful fixes, animations and a popup


Lots of little updates recently…

In the app, we’ve updated the settings screen (now the profile photo/icon on the top left) and billing settings links, and added your user # back under the profile (as per Zevvle User Number):

If you’re one of our first 500 customers, you’re a founding member. We don’t want it to be some vanity thing, but haven’t yet decided what it means. Expectations and all… stay tuned!

(That’s it with account screen layout updates for the moment — it’s seen too much recently.)

Also this is purely cosmetic, but we added a fancy animation on the welcome screen:

And if you log in with the wrong email (@tim does this Every. Single. Time.), you can now log out by tapping the buoy on the top:

During signup we now ask for notification permission for with yet another fancy animation*:

We couldn’t do this previously due to some obscure reason which meant no shipping push notifications for new customers. :frowning_face:

We’ve also changed notification provider with the latest app update (1.2.0) to unify things — before we had to use separate services for Android & iOS.

I’m not a designer okay :weary:

Finally, although this is useless for existing customers, we’ve added a “Still in contract?” popup on our website when you scroll down. As we don’t have a cookie confirm one, we’re allowed this, right?

We’ve used some Advanced Artificial Intelligence™ to parse the date, so you can type in almost anything:


(It’ll still work if you enter an email attached to an account, but nothing happens and we will not in fact be in touch about your contract ending).

Have a great Thursday,

Nick :grin:

P.S. without specifying dates — 2 things coming this month are Zevvle Rewards and non-geographic numbers (like 0845…). :soon:


Looks like zevvle is becoming a really good MVNO! :blush:

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*GASP* we weren’t before?* :smirk:

*In all seriousness, we’ll never be perfect and I am grateful for any and all feedback.


Your network is so much better than the network with a logo that looks like a 6 and is red :wink: (I’m sure you can guess what network im on about lol :joy:) also, do you have any update on what the lifetime data perks will be? :blush:

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Next week at the latest :soon: :steam_locomotive:

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Exciting! :blush:

User #1 is June 2019 but I’m user #19 in May 2019? Something in my brain does not compute :exploding_head:

Me neither… let me look into that, thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

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It was an error with my account, yours is correct :+1:


I’m Zevvle user #14 since June 2019. Looking back through my email, that date corresponds with the Android release and me signing up on the 2nd June. Could the number be related to when you registered interest in Zevvle, rather than signing up for a sim?

In other news we’re half a month away from the first sims going out.

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The ‘since’ date corresponds to when the order was placed, the user number is set when the SIM is activated. Maybe we just make them the same date…

Woo! :partying_face: :tada:

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How much would it make my user number change if the user number was switched? I think both being SIM activation seems the best option.

I wonder what the typical range of time is between order and activation? Do many people order and then never activate? Though suspect this might be commerially sensitive. I remember one mobile network who would send out sims for you to pass on to friends, and wonder what proportion of the sims sent out are actually activated.

Ah your number is fixed once set, that wouldn’t change!

The mean average is 9.25 days, but that has a few big outliers, so the average of everyone doing it in under a week is 38 hours. Only 1 account not activated :slight_smile: